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EV charging adds your company to EV drivers' maps

The amount of electric vehicles is rising at an accelerating pace, but the lack of charging stations in many areas can cause frustration for EV drivers. This is why now is the perfect time to offer electric vehicle charging as a value-added service for the customers of various consumer services.

Charging point location matters

Charging stations are needed everywhere. EV drivers look for charging stations especially in locations they visit frequently. It’s typical for EV drivers to find ways to combine charging and day-to-day activities, which can effect consumption patterns in the long run.

Public EV charging stations are especially important to those with no home charging option. A public charging point can effect eg. where the EV driver goes shopping. In addition the EV driver, who has invested in a green and more expensive electric car, also buys other green and more expensive products. This helps shops and other services cover the costs of the investments.


Extensive positive publicity with a charging station


Shopping malls are typical places for offering EV charging as a service

Both EV drivers and the media closely follow the expansion of public EV charging networks. Information about a new charging station typically spreads virally on social media, and the company who acquired the charging point gets tons of positive publicity.

Finding a charging station gets easier when the charging device is connected to a public charging network. A smart charging device communicates with the network and informs the EV driver if the station is free or not, and the driver can reserve the station to avoid unnecessary trips.


Your charging business powered by Virta

As a part of our services Virta offers a turnkey solution for offering a comprehensive charging service package to other businesses and real estates. You can offer the service as a part of your public charging network or as a separate service. Contact us to hear more.


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