“We wanted to extend our charging services and raise them on a new level. This is we chose the charging service solution provided by Virta. It is European and largely used in the neighboring countries of France, which allows us to offer an interoperable solution to our charging service users.”


  • Several hundred Chago EV chargers in operation, both AC and DC
  • Chago EV infrastructure management service
  • Dynamic load management functionality
  • VIRTA. EV charging business platform
  • VIRTA. end-user services and applications
  • Installations, maintenance and 24/7 helpdesk in local language

Comprehensive VIRTA solution for building professional EV charging service business

French energy syndicate EnerSieil needed a forward-looking solution for providing public electric vehicle charging services in their in the region of Indre-et-Loire. EnerSieil chose a turnkey solution offered by a consortium led by EV charger company Chago. After finalising a successful pilot project in Tours, EnerSieil made a long term agreement with the consortium.

One of the most important competitive advantage this Charging Business as a Service solution can provide is low level of operational costs, which results from certain main factors. Thanks to preventive maintenance, Chago’s high-quality smart chargers have high uptime which allows more business.

On the other hand, digital business platform provided by Chago’s trusted partner VIRTA. Ltd takes automatically care of infrastructure management and customer processes at all times, minimising the need for working resources while maintaining professional 24/7 service.

Now there are already several hundreds of operational charging points serving EV drivers in Centre-Val-de- Loire region. The modularity and scalability of the VIRTA platform allows the network to grow smoothly even further. Installation and maintenance of the chargers as well as 24/7 helpdesk are provided by Chago’s local partner as part of the service package.