“We chose Virta, because we could outsource our EV charging service infrastructure management entirely to them.”


  • Finland’s largest fast food chain operating in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Germany, and Ukraine with more than 400 restaurants.
  • Started providing EV charging services to their customers in December 2015
  • Three fast chargers in three business location: Helsinki, Turku and Siikalatva in Northern Finland
  • Turnkey solution: Hesburger provides VIRTA service to their customers

Electric car charging as an additional service for Hesburger restaurants

In the end of 2015, Hesburger started offering charging services for electric vehicles to their customers as the first restaurant chain in Finland. The first VIRTA charging stations were installed to Hesburger business locations in Helsinki, Turku and in Siikalatva in Northern Finland.

”An increasing number of consumers chooses their destination based on the availability of EV charging possibility. We wanted to provide them this service as one of the first ones in Finland”, says Hesburger vice president Jari Vuoti.

Hesburger customers have found especially the fast charger located in Konala, Helsinki: It is the second public fast charger in Helsinki. On a monthly level it has hundreds of visits and it skyrocketed immediately as one of the most popular charging points in the entire country. However, Hesburger has not set any financial goals for the charging points.

”We are aware that we’ve only taken our first baby steps regarding the EV charging services. Later on we can expect that the overall numbers rise”, Vuoti says.

Hesburger has made an investment to the charging infrastructure. They are operated on behalf of VIRTA as a turnkey service.

100 % turnkey service package

Electric vehicle charging is a part of Hesburger’s unified service experience. The objective is that visiting a Hesburger is always similar anywhere and anytime – this includes also the charging services. This is one of the reasons why Hesburger chose VIRTA as their charging business service provider.

”A smooth customer experience at the charging stations and 24/7 helpdesk support are crucial: They guarantee that our restaurant personnel can fully focus in our own core business. We chose VIRTA, because we could outsource our EV charging service infrastructure entirely to them”, Vuoti summarizes.

Charging points have not caused extra workload to Hesburger staff – except in the form of an increased number of customers, who have chosen Hesburger as their destination thanks to the charging availability.

”The most active EV charging clients are taxi drivers who use the charging service regularly: They come to eat and drink at Hesburger while their electric cars are charging. We get quite a bit of positive feedback about charging service possibility in general, and especially the fast charging”, Vuoti says.

Mr. Vuoti foresees that Hesburger will expand EV charging services in the future. Expansion to the Baltic states is an option, and VIRTA has the ability to meet this vision as well.