EU's General Data Protection Regulation: Better privacy, more transparency

We just wanted to let you know that plenty of hard work has been done to make sure everything we do at Virta is GDPR compliant. If you have somehow managed to skip all the hustle and bustle around GDPR, here’s a brief overview of EU’s new data security regulation.

GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR is not here to perturb or cause extra work. Data privacy has been regulated before as well, but a lot has changed in the world after 1995 when the first version of the GDPR was created. 

The goal of GDPR is to protect all EU citizens from data breaches. This means that all companies processing or possessing data of EU citizens must follow the guidelines - no matter where the company itself is located. The GDPR protects all personal data: from your name and email address to bank account details and social media posts.

In practice, this requires all companies controlling and processing any personal data to take action. The regulation protects our personal data from being misused and assures all personal data is being managed with compliance. We all have a right to know where and how our personal information is being used, and the updated regulation makes all of this much easier. 

We at Virta take privacy very seriously. The GDPR leads us towards better, more secure and transparent services. Whether you are a partner organization, customer providing our charging services, EV driver or just a citizen interested in electric transportation, we have taken the actions to make sure your data is stored and handled as the updated GDPR directs.


The GDPR regulation will come into force during May 2018. In practice, you will probably receive an email from us quite soon – and from dozens of other companies as well - letting you know your data is safe with us.

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