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Reliability for EV charging

Virta’s turnkey solution enabled to create a new business with their own brand without large investments.

Albert Lehmann became an e-mobility forerunner in Switzerland by accident. He didn’t know he was bound to become an operator for an electric vehicle charging network when he was seeking for charging devices with new features for his electricity installation family business in 2014.

Three years later, is one of the strongest players in the EV charging market in Switzerland. They already have a solid foothold in the German-speaking part of Switzerland with over 100 charging stations. Their business is expanding fast.

Our business plan is to open 700 charging points within the next four years”, says Lehmann. 

swiss-ref.jpg look and feel - powered by Virta became Virta’s first international customer in late 2014. Albert Lehmann decided to choose Virta’s whitelabel solution: the brand was created.

For a small private company player like us, Virta’s open cooperation model was the only way to enter the business. Their turnkey solution is one of the most complete ones in the market but it did not require huge investments from us. And we appreciated the possibility to create our own brand”, says Lehmann.

Growing together as partners

Lehmann sees that EV charging for real estates will be the next big hit. As Virta has already launched their service in the Nordics, has a valuable competitive advantage. Lehmann says that in many ways Virta’s solution is ahead of competitors.

For instance, the discussion about frequency based regulation has only started in Switzerland – but Virta has already developed this feature. Same thing goes for dynamic load balancing“, Lehmann says.

In general, we are satisfied with Virta. Reliability is the most important thing in this business, and their platform is really reliable. As we are creating the market together, we appreciate how Virta reacts to our needs", Lehmann concludes.

Case in a nutshell


  • Founded in 2014 by Albert Lehmann, owner of a electricity installation family business
  • Virta Operator and Mobility as white label solutions

  • Operates mainly in German-speaking area of Switzerland
  • Currently over 100 charging stations