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Case Isku Center – 16 public charging points for employees and visitors

A Finnish quality furniture company Isku is known from sustainability and high-quality design. Providing public EV charging stations was a clear next step in developing the Isku Center in Lahti.



A furniture company Isku is a Finnish company providing quality furniture since 1928. The Isku factory and headquarters, Isku Center, is one of the most modern production facilities in Europe. In September 2018, Lahti University of Applied Sciences also moved into the premises. As the building was being renovated for over 5000 students and 400 teachers, solar panels and geothermal heating system were installed and also electric vehicle charging became a topic of discussions.

In the early September, altogether 16 electric vehicle charging points were set up at the Isku premises.

Six bright-yellow Virta chargers were installed at the front parking space, and two more to the other side of the building. The electrical center and electricity distribution system of the building were being renewed, and the timing was just right to install the charging stations. This made the installation process smooth and cost-efficient.

virta charging device

The project kicked off with specifying the needs and choosing suitable devices for the location. As Isku wanted to be prepared for the growing needs of EV charging industry by installing a rather large amount of charging stations at once, it only made sense to choose a smart service that has the capability to be flexible and manage the growing load from EV charging. The chosen devices have Type 2 sockets, and can charge two cars at once with the maximum power of 22 kW.

“We wanted to have a solution that includes everything we need - the charging devices, maintenance and billing,” the development director Asko Dahlbom says.

With Virta Public, the charging station owners can choose a price for charging. Virta’s sales representative was available throughout the process of installation and commissioning, and helped Isku to familiarise with the current pricing at the EV charging industry.

Isku Center wants to encourage its’ employees and visitors to consider electric vehicles.

isku_logo_black_rgb“I have a plug-in hybrid car, and many visitors have already been asking for possibility to charge at Isku Center. I believe our charging stations will encourage people to choose plug-in or battery cars as their next vehicle,” Dahlbom describes.


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