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We charge.

Virta's charging network is the largest in Finland
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Virta offers smart charging services for EV drivers, home owners, real estates and companies.

We want to enable electric transportation for everyone - everywhere.

For EV drivers

Charge fast and smart with Virta. Virta’s charging network is the largest in Finland - almost all EV drivers are already registered Virta customers. In addition to our own network, you can charge at thousands of charging stations around Europe through roaming.

As a registered user you can identify, charge and pay your charging with RFID-key, -card or with our mobile app. Charge with same card at home, work and at public charging stations.

If you do not want to register, you can use Virta charging network with one time payment.

To use Finnish Virta charging network, register here.

With our mobile app you can:

plus_blue.svg Find the charging stations near you

plus_blue.svg View prices

 plus_blue.svgReserve a charging station in advance

plus_blue.svg Start and stop charging


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Do you need help? Check out the charging instructions.

Charge safe, charge smart


Virta Koti is a charging service for consumers. The service optimizes hours used for charging based on electricity market prices - and has been awarded as the best EV charging solution at the market.

Virta Koti service includes an EV charging application. With Virta Koti app you can optimize charging hours or select them manually, view your charging events remotely and share your charging point with others.


Choose a price - we'll take care of the rest.

Virta Kiinteistö is a charging service for commercial and residential buildings.

As a charging point owner, you get to choose who can charge and how much charging costs. The costs of charging are automatically allocated to each user, and monthly incomes are transferred for the charging point owner.

EV owners eat, sleep and shop where there is a charging point.

With Virta Business you can offer charging services to customers and bring your company to EV drivers’ maps. Set a price for your charging point and EV driver is billed automatically. No extra work.

A governmental funding is available for public charging station investments and can be applied. The funding covers 30-35% of the investment costs.