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Virta Mobility

Help your customers find charging stations and charge.

Virta Mobility is a comprehensive customer experience with registration, account management, mobile and web applications, roaming and one-time payment. All features are offered as white-label solutions, so end-users engage with your brand, powered by Virta.

Create value to your end-users with great user experience. Our mobile first approach ensures smooth interaction with your brand. 

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Mobile and Web Applications

With our iOS, Android and web apps users can find and reserve available charging stations and start charging.

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Registration & Customer Portal

Users can create an account on a registration site and manage it on a customer portal.

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One-time Payment

Users can pay with a credit card payment service without registering on a mobile optimized web app.

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Mobile and web applications

With our apps users can find available charging stations, reserve a charging point and start charging. The white-label apps can be customized according to your brand. 

We currently provide iOS and Android native applications, plus a web application for desktop browsers. The user experience is currently localized to 7 languages.

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Through roaming your end-users can access vast networks of 3rd party charging stations. Our system is already connected to both main roaming networks in Europe, Hubject and Gireve.


Registration and customer portal

The customized registration site creates new user accounts to the CRM and if needed ships RFID cards automatically.

In the customer portal users can manage their accounts, print receipts and buy service packages. Payments can be done by credit card or bank transfer. Localization currently available in 7 languages.


One-time payment

Users can pay for charging events without registration by credit card on a mobile optimized web app. The feature can be customized according to your brand and is currently available in 4 languages.


CRM tool

With our CRM you can manage customer accounts, review charging statistics and create customer groups. 

The SaaS system can be accessed on a web browser through an easy-to-use interface.

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Case Isorka - The leading EV charging provider in Iceland

Isorka chose Virta’s white label solution to kick start their business in 2016. Virta helped Isorka to build a nationwide public charging network within a short timeframe.

“Virta has the coolest and best smart solutions”, Sigurður Ástgeirsson, the founder of Isorka, discloses. “Their most important characteristic is the forward-looking, fashionable solutions, technical services and burning ambitions to make it even better."

Read Isorka's full story

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We're looking for new partners who we can support in starting their own charging businesses. Our modular system allows using Virta Mobility together with our Home, Bundle and Operator services. Leave us a message and let's talk. 

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