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Virta Operator

Manage charging infrastructure

Connect and control charging infrastructure with ease. Virta Operator is a reliable EV charging back end with payments, roaming and smart energy solutions. The system is compatible with a large number of charging device manufacturers using standard protocols.

With our help you can focus on your business. Our tools adapt to a variety of business models.

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Charging station management
Our system is compatible with most charging devices using standard communication protocols.
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Flexible pricing and payments
Flexible pricing schemes can be set based on several variables. Payments are transferred to the CPO automatically.
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Business intelligence
Follow your charging business with dashboards, visualized reports and maintenance support tools.
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Charging point back end

Connect, monitor and control charging infrastructure with our back end.

The SaaS system can be accessed on a web browser through an easy-to-use interface.

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Roaming and integrations

Through roaming, your charging points can attract vast customer groups. Virta's system is currently connected to both main roaming networks in Europe, Hubject and Gireve.

In addition, your charging stations are shown in EV's navigation systems through other integrations.

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The device of your choice

The back end is already compatible with a large number of charging device manufacturers. Compatibility can be easily expanded to new manufacturers. We mainly work with the widely used Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

Current integrations: ABB, Ensto, DTB, EVTEC, ICU, Circontrol, GARO, Delta, Schneider Electric, KEBA, Remotec, Efecec, Phoenix Contact, EVBOX and Mennekes.

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Flexible pricing and payments

Flexible pricing schemes can be set up in various ways:

  • Per device or per device group
  • Per kWh, per minute and per reservation minute
  • Per AC and DC

More advanced schemes can be set per specific time or date, e.g. for a holiday season.

Payments are automatically transferred to the charging point owner’s bank account. Our system supports major currencies.


Business intelligence

Our visualized reports give a comprehensive overview of your charging business. The dashboards in the system help you to follow any problems in the charging network. Problems can be managed with a ticketing system.


Dynamic load management

Dynamic load management ensures that the maximum available charging power of a building or a local grid area is not exceeded. 

Charging stations are grouped together through the cloud. Available charging loads are dynamically distributed to cars that are charging in the same charging station group

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Case Swisscharge.ch

Swisscharge.ch became a Virta Operator customer back in 2014 - and has grown to become the market leader in Switzerland. The company operates its own charging stations, but also has other charging point owners as customers.

A charging network has to work constantly. “Reliability is the most important thing in this business and Virta's platform is really reliable”, states Swisscharge's founder Albert Lehmann. Read the whole story here


Become a partner

We're looking for partners who we can support in starting their own charging businesses. Our modular system allows using Virta Operator together with our Home, Bundle and Mobility services. Leave us a message and let's talk. 

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