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All topics related to DC charging summarised in one comprehensive guide. If you're considering installing DC charging stations, this e-book is for you.

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Fast charging or DC charging stations significantly shorten the car's charging time and can completely charge EV batteries in about 30 minutes.

As more and more electric vehicles roam our roads, these vehicles increasingly rely on public charging opportunities as the possibilities for private charging are not sufficient anymore.

The EU plans for fast charging opportunities to be available every 60 kilometres on all major European roads by 2026. At highly frequented locations, DC charging stations can generate high revenues making them an interesting business opportunity for many.

Apart from that, fast EV charging infrastructure is indispensable for charging electric buses and trucks.

There are many aspects to consider when installing and operating DC charging stations.

We discuss these aspects in more detail in this e-book:

⚡How does a DC charging station work?
⚡What are the components of a DC charging station?
⚡What are all the areas of application?
⚡What is the ideal location for DC chargers?
⚡How to choose the right DC charging station?
⚡How much does a DC charging station cost?
⚡What does the installation process look like?
⚡What are the laws and regulations one must oblige when installing and operating DC charging stations?
⚡What not to forget about operation, maintenance and EV driver services?

E-Lkw beim Laden an einer DC-Ladestation

The future of e-mobility lies in the hands of fast EV charging infrastructure. At Virta, we support you with its implementation.

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