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The future is electric

What role will energy storages play in the energy transition? Check out our webinar recording “Energy storages: Enablers of the energy transition” and learn all about it.

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What do we mean when we say energy storages are the enablers of the energy transition? What are the potential business opportunities?  
Energy storageis the capture of produced energy which is preserved to be used at a later time, with the intention of balancingthe energydemand and energyproduction. As the rising production and utilisation of various renewable energy resources is vital for a carbon-neutral future, the importance of state-of-the-art energy storage can’t be emphasised enough. 

We arranged a Virta Power Hour panel discussion featuring energy experts from both Eurelectric and Eaton – the federation for the European electricity industry and the world’s leading power management company. 
Check out this exclusive webinar, held on the 2nd of February, to learn everything you need to know about the current and future state of energy storage.

In this webinar we discuss:


  • The importance of energy storages and the flexibility they will provide in the power system 
  • The difference between centralised vs. distributed storages 
  • The development of energy storages now and in the near future 
  • Why storages and electric vehicles are a perfect match 

After this webinar, you will know:


  • How upcoming regulations will affect and boost usage of electricity storages  
  • The opportunities and benefits of electricity storages 
  • How to create revenue through energy storages 
  • The upcoming trends and developments 



The Virta panel features:


Lavray Helene


Hèléne Lavray

Senior Advisor, Renewables & Environment

Fabrice Roudet


Fabrice Roudet

Head of Energy Storage and EV Charging business EMEA

Ville Väre Energy Webinar


Ville Väre

Energy Expert Director
Virta Ltd

Ilkka Energy Webinar


Ilkka Koisti (moderator)

Sales Director 
Virta Ltd



The energy transition is happening, and we are the enablers.

Provide your information below to access the recording