How to grow your business with EV charging

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This e-book explains the basics of running an EV charging business and how there's never been a better time to join the e-mobility market.

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The price parity between ICE cars and electric cars in Europe is predicted to be reached by 2026, according to Bloomberg NEF. This will result in a need for extensive charging infrastructures, including public charging points for charging on the go and workplace as well as home charging.

Electric vehicles are rapidly making their way into our lives – from car manufacturers announcing their plans to electrify their fleets, energy companies and utilities understanding the importance of EVs for the energy system, to retail stores, hotels, destinations and real estate companies answering the ever-growing demand of their customers for effortless EV charging possibilities.

The time to enter the EV charging market is now!

The EV charging business offers more than meets the eye

Running an EV charging business is not just about buying a bunch of EV chargers. Future-proof charging services include easy-to-use tools for EV drivers, payment and billing solutions for EV charging, smart energy features, and admin tools for the business owner. 

You don’t need to build an EV charging station to become involved with the electric vehicle charging business. Opportunities abound with the software as a service model, which could include the online EV charging platform itself, subscription access to EV charging points with special pricing for rapid charging or access to an out-of-network electric vehicle charging point.

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