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The electric vehicle revolution is happening now.

Learn about the possibilities EV charging offers to petrol retailers and gas stations owners

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Are you ​still wondering about the value EV charging can offer petrol retailers and gas stations owners? Check out our crash course webinar on how to future-proof your petrol retailing business!

Here is a sneak peek into what our webinar is all about.


In short:  How to tackle the electrification of mobility as a petrol retailer? The sales of petrol will decrease along with the sales of conventional combustion engine vehicles, and fuel retailers are pushed to start envisioning new income flows.

 What to expect from our webinar: 

:zap: EV charging and the future of petrol retailers & gas stations
 :zap: New business opportunities
:zap: Trends and cases ​


What you will learn:

:handshake: Why gas stations and EVs are a great match

 :chart_with_upwards_trend: How to rethink your business model & create additional revenue

:zap: How to create energy trading revenues with V2G technology


E-mobility doesn't have to be a threat to petrol stations - instead, it offers several new ways for the business to boom.

The right time to act is NOW!

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