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Get a comprehensive e-book about electric vehicle fleets with valuable insights, facts, and tips.

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Who is this e-book for:

Fleet operators looking to switch to electric vehicles for their fleet and explore the benefits operating an EV fleet offers.

In this e-book, we cover the following topics:

Reasons to electrify your fleet
EV fleet management
The Virta Fleet solution - integrated hardware, automated payments, renewable energy charging and more
The different types of EV charging: workplace charging, home charging and public charging
Smart energy management solutions

Electrification of fleets can significantly lower GHG emissions

The fleet market is ever-growing, and fleet emissions put significant pressure on the environment. Switching to electric for fleets has the biggest potential to lower the harmful emissions, but it can pose quite some challenges for many businesses.

But going electric can become simple with the proper EV integration into existing fleet management systems. And with the right preparation and tools, you can also benefit from the many advantages of operating an EV fleet.

This e-book comprehensively summarises electric vehicle fleets and EV fleet management. Everything you need to know when switching to an electric vehicle fleet; in one package.


Virta's end-to-end fleet charging solution takes care of hardware, software & everything in between.

Download this e-book