In this guide we discuss how the electrification of mobility will affect the real estate industry - and how to future-proof your investments.


The world is moving full force towards electrification

Energy efficiency is the most crucial part of tackling climate change. This involves creating renewable energy and electrifying every part of our society.

E-mobility (electric-powered transportation) is accelerating exponentially, while global trends are pushing the development of smart energy management forward as more and more carbon neutral regulations are put in place.

It's safe to say that the transport sector is at a tipping point. Even Mercedes-Benz, the world's oldest car maker, has confirmed that they would stop producing petrol and diesel cars by 2039.

What does this mean for the real estate industry?

In this e-book we will break down:

⚡ The legislative requirements that affect real estate businesses
⚡ How electric vehicle (EV) charging can help to fulfill those requirements
⚡ How to easily start incorporating EV charging into your property management
⚡ All you need to know about smart EV charging and future-proofing your real estate

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