Learn why e-mobility is a crucial part of your real estate ESG strategy in this e-book on EV charging for real estate professionals


The world is moving full force towards electrification

With buildings accounting for a considerable proportion of our global energy consumption and carbon emissions, the time is right for builders, developers, and investors to address their real estate ESG strategy and help tackle climate change. The best way to do this? Through smart grids, smart buildings, and smart EV charging. 

What is a real estate ESG strategy? 

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors are used to measure the sustainability of business practices. ESG goals not only protect our planet but address future real estate industry trends that will reflect the needs of environmentally and socially conscious consumers. 

Why EV charging? 

There are many ways to reach real estate ESG goals, but EV charging is one of the only options that also opens up potential revenue streams. With so many EVs on the road, charging infrastructure will not just be “nice for your customers to have”—it will be necessary for boosting additional traffic. EV charging must be a part of any long-term real estate investment plan.  

In fact, it is predicted that by 2025, there will be over 13 million Europeans with an electric car. This number—which is expected to grow—presents a need for EV charging in business parks and near residential and commercial buildings.

The EU already has existing directives that every building with 10 or more parking spaces must be re-wired for EV charging. These regulations are only projected to tighten. 

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⚡ The legislative requirements that affect the real estate sector

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⚡ Everything you need to know about smart EV charging points and future-proofing your real estate

⚡ An EV charging strategy for real estate that will help you to start incorporating EV charging into your property management right away


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