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Meet your guests’ needs for convenient electric vehicle charging and explore the many benefits EV charging has to offer. Find out how in this comprehensive guide for hoteliers.

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Who is this e-book for

🏨 Hoteliers looking to satisfy their guests’ EV charging needs, improve customer experience and increase customer loyalty. 

The e-book covers 

Impressive electric vehicle market data 

All the benefits EV charging can offer to hoteliers 

The value of the Virta Charging Business as a Service solution and its benefits to hoteliers 

A real-life success story of Scandic, the largest hotel network in Nordics

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Offer a great experience right from the parking lot 

Equipping your hotel with EV charging services will have two major effects on your business: 

Meet a high demand and, therefore, increase loyalty among your established clientele. 

Attract a whole new clientele of EV drivers who will stay at your locations while charging their batteries. 

In both cases, you’ll be creating new revenue streams.

Build your EV charging business 

Because your guests are already driving or will soon be driving EVs, EV charging is a natural value-added service for hotels. For instance, hotels like Scandic or Hilton are already installing EV charging stations at their store locations to answer their guests’ demand and foster customer loyalty. Join them and become a forerunner of e-mobility!

Over 33 million EVs are expected to roam through Europe in 2030 

As the number of electric vehicles on our roads grows, so does the demand for charging solutions. In other words, EV charging is not a nice-to-have anymore; it is becoming the new norm. Equip your hotels with EV chargers and EV drivers will drive to you!

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We think that in the future, our customers will expect EV charging as much as water coming from the tap. —Mikko Henriksson, General Manager at Scandic 

Download this e-book