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The future is electric

What is the present and future role of emobility in the energy sector? Check out our webinar recording and learn all about it.

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The electric vehicle disruption is accelerating exponentially. Global trends are pushing the development of smart energy management forward as our society is to be fully electrified. 

How does the electric future look like through the lens of the energy industry? What critical role will EVs and e-mobility have in tomorrow's energy ecosystem?

Through discussion, future views and insights from various experts in the energy industry we'll explain the market development in relation to the growing number of Electric Vehicles.


In this webinar we discuss:

  • How the energy ecosystem has changed and will evolve in the future
  • Why EV charging is a critical part of the energy system
  • Major industry trends and their impact on the power system: electrification, renewables and energy efficiency
  • How to unlock full value of EVs as a flexible assets
  • Why now is the time to put effort in smart EV charging




The Virta panel:


Energy webinar panel discussion Josephine


Josephine Delmote

Strategy Analyst
Elia Group, TSO in Belgium (Elia) and North and East Germany (50Hertz)

Jussi Matilainen Energy Webinar


Jussi Matilainen

R&D Manager,
Fingrid, TSO in Finland

Ville Väre Energy Webinar


Ville Väre

Energy Expert
Director at Virta Ltd

Ilkka Energy Webinar


Ilkka Koisti (moderator)

Sales at Virta Ltd



The price parity between petrol fueled cars and EVs will be reached in 3-5 years. That's when the emobility sector will explode.

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