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Virta is one of Europe’s fastest growing companies (FT 1000). Our platform enables you to maximize your business profit and gives you fast and cost-efficient channel to launch, operate, and scale an EV charging business. We operate in 30 countries globally and futureproof almost 1.000 professional charging networks. Virta is the 2nd biggest market player in Europe offering over 170.000 charging points in our roaming network. 

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Video: Quentin Drewell from JLL on values of sustainability in Real Estate.


About the webinar

Consumers, companies, and governments have become increasingly active in promoting sustainability across the globe. UK regulators are among the most progressive with ambitious steps and targets for year 2030. As a result, electricity production is shifting to renewables, which increases demand for energy banks and smart grids, in order to balance load volatility. Simultaneously UK traffic is becoming increasingly electrified, at a rapid pace.

What does this paradigm shift mean for UK real estate and what can institutional real estate owners do to future proof their assets?

This webinar covered key oncoming UK regulation and target schedule. We also discussed how the new energy paradigm, particularly in carbon neutral electricity production and traffic, is likely to impact the UK real estate market. Watch the recording and learn alongside industry experts as they share their unique insights, and stay ahead of the curve by discussing steps to future proofing your property portfolios.

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Vehicle-2-Grid technology facilitates energy system transformation, utilizing Electric Vehicle batteries as energy storages for grid power balancing.



  • UK Regulatory & Tech Outlook: What are the key International and UK regulatory targets for sustainability? What does carbon neutral mean for traffic and energy production by 2030? Taxes vs incentives? How much green electricity will be built and how will the grid be balanced to enable this? What solutions are already available for implementation today and what technologies are near viable production?
  • New Tenant Requirements & Real Estate Investor Perspective: How is sustainability impacting tenant requirements and how fast? Will there be a green premium vs. a brown discount to existing rents? Will green assets benefit from green financing and green equity? How are investors adapting to the sustainability paradigm and its impact on values?
  • Summary & Discussion - Next steps towards a future proof real estate: What measures are relevant to future proof assets, safeguard value and gear up for growth? What can be done today?
  • Q&A


Meet the speakers

  • Quentin Drewell, Director, Sustainability, Jones Lang Lasalle
  • Jose-Luis Pellicer, Head of Strategy, M&G Real Estate
  • Nick Molho, Executive Director, Aldersgate Group
  • Chris Rimmer. Infrastructure Strategy Lead, Cenex


  • Ilkka Koisti, Business Development Director, Virta Ltd
  • Martti Savenius, Industry Advisor, Virta Ltd // MD, Activen Ltd