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WebinarGuests stay where they can charge: How hotels with EV charging strengthen their business

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🏨 Watch our webinar, where we dive into the topic of hotel EV charging and how to best integrate this service into your hotel amenities to reap the most benefits.

In our survey with Kantar, only 5% of EV drivers say that EV charging point availability in hotels doesn’t impact their booking decisions.

That's 95% of EV drivers who will be looking for EV charging points when choosing which hotel to stay at.

And integrating EV charging into your hotel amenities isn't only about attracting new customers.

In this webinar, we present the many other benefits and how to unlock them in the best way possible.

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💡You'll learn:

  • How does the growth of the EV charging market within the hotel sector look like
  • What challenges do hotels face when providing EV charging services
  • How EV charging ties in with sustainability initiatives
  • How to best incorporate EV charging into hotels' revenue streams
  • Insights from industry experts
  • Answers to your questions

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