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If you’re a petrol retailer, you are already aware of the challenges that will arise as the electric car becomes the new norm. By 2020, global EV sales will account for 70% of all vehicles—traditional fuel stations must catch up or see business falter.

While electric vehicles are traditionally seen as a threat to the oil and gas industry (particularly to filling stations), they also offer unforeseen opportunities. This includes the option to transition into an EV charging service station and other less obvious ways to adapt to e-mobility.

Revenue paths in the station, forecourt, and beyond 

Transitioning to a car charging gas station isn’t the only future-proof opportunity for oil and gas companies. The installation of electric car charging stations will also determine the transformation of your petrol forecourt, leaving room for new revenue streams. 

Forecourt industry trends are changing to reflect the amount of time that customers will be spending at charging stations—the future petrol forecourt must account for the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, including highly sought-out fast chargers. 

The convenience stores at charging stations will also present an income opportunity for the EV charging petrol station as customers will require food and beverage opportunities while they wait at the designated charging point.  

Earning opportunities extend beyond the EV charging gas station and even the EV charging forecourt. As an EV charging petrol retailer, you are also well-suited to offer access to your charging network and charging infrastructure as a service by offering a subscription or one-off access to a charging point with higher prices for a rapid charge. 

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