How to future-proof your petrol retail business in 3 steps

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Read this e-book for practical steps petrol retailers can take to future-proof their businesses in the ever-changing world of transportation.

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If you’re a petrol retailer, you are already aware of the challenges that will arise as electric cars become the new norm. By 2030, global EV sales could account for up to 20% of all vehicles. That means that traditional fuel stations must catch up or see business falter. 

While electric vehicles are traditionally seen as a threat to the oil and gas industry (particularly to filling stations), they also offer unforeseen opportunities. This includes the option to transition into an EV charging service station and other less obvious ways to adapt to e-mobility.

New revenue opportunities at the forecourt and beyond

Historically, most of the petrol stations’ revenue came from fossil fuel sales, but about 20% has been attributed to food and beverage sales. Now, with the sales of EVs rapidly climbing, the revenue from nearby services such as grocery stores, coffee shops or fast-food restaurants have the potential to climb as well. EV drivers will seek out these services while waiting for their car batteries to fill up.

Earning opportunities extend beyond the EV charging forecourt. As an EV charging petrol retailer, you are well-suited to offer access to your charging network by offering a subscription or one-off access to a charging point with higher prices for a rapid charge.

With such a subscription, EV drivers can charge beyond your EV charging gas station – at home, in nearby charging hubs or at their workplace. All of that with only one single contract.


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