In this e-book we offer tips on future-proofing your petrol retail business, during a time of decreasing gasoline-powered car sales.


It’s no secret that petrol retailers and gas station managers are facing difficult times. With fewer and fewer combustion engine cars sold every year, it’s time for petrol retailers to start transforming their business models.

And while electric vehicles are traditionally seen as a threat to gas station businesses, they also offer unforeseen opportunities to station owners and managers who are brave enough to challenge their current business logic.

But how exactly should petrol retailers go about the transformation? If the sales of petrol and diesel will keep decreasing, what are some of the new revenue streams that will fill that void? And what are the practical steps petrol retailers can take today to ensure their business will stand the rest of time?


Download to learn more about: 
  • Why your petrol chain should adopt a subscription-based business model
  • How to create energy trading revenue
  • The 3-step framework for future-proofing your business
  • Why now is the right time to act

Since the demand for electric vehicle charging is only going to increase, now is truly the right time to invest in EV charging.