How to transform your energy business with EV charging

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This e-book shows companies in the energy sector how to meet EU requirements and prepare for the e-mobility boom by investing in electric vehicle charging.

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The world is moving full force towards electrification. Meanwhile, the energy industry is in dire need of transforming its business models. One of the easiest and wisest ways an energy supplier can prepare for the future is by investing in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions.

Prepare for the age of e-mobility

Investing in EV charging stations creates new revenue streams and acts as a tool for stabilizing demand on the grid when renewable energy production causes volatility. 

Adapting to higher electric car ownership rates is essential for a company’s alternative and renewable energy management strategy. It allows businesses to charge relevant energy tariffs that align with customer needs, including public charging facilities and surcharges for peak hours. 

The implications are clear—embrace the market of charging solutions for electric cars or be left behind. Companies that already manage electric utilities are one step ahead in offering new smart EV chargers as they already manage customer touchpoints and data.

Good for business, good for the planet

By 2025, electric vehicles sold in Europe will reach price parity with traditional ICE vehicles. This, combined with government quotas and stimulus spending, presents a distinct need for more EV charging stations that offer a fantastic business opportunity for the gas and electricity sector, as well as a chance to do their part for the environment.

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