This e-book explains how to set up an electric car charging business in preparation for impending industry disruptions.


In the coming years, electric vehicles will become just as affordable as ICE vehicles, increasing market share. This shift will result in a greater need for electric vehicle charging services. Those catching the first customers will have a competitive advantage—but where can a company looking to pivot its offering to include EV charging points even begin? 

How to create an EV charging business plan

Running an EV charging business is not just about buying a bunch of chargers. Choosing the proper hardware for your EV charging platform is just the first step in your electric car charging station business plan.

Partnering with a company that can provide your charging infrastructure can save you a lot of time and money compared with installing EV charging set-ups yourself. Also, when considering the electric car charging points for business cost, it’s important to consider the multiple revenue streams that charge stations open up. The pricing models that accompany rapid charging and services offered to customers as their cars charge often counteract the cost of installing the charge stations. 

This e-book is an introduction to the electric vehicle charging industry. It will explain the roles and responsibilities of an EV charging service provider and will help you to choose a suitable business model. It will also outline the factors that affect the cost of EV charging for businesses so you can determine if charge stations are the right move for you. 

In this e-book, you’ll read about:

  • Why now is the perfect time to invest in an electric car charging stations business opportunity
  • What the roles & responsibilities are of an EV charging point installer 
  • What do you need to know when choosing the best EV charging business model for you
  • What EV charging as a service means and why this often is the smartest option
  • How to get maximum benefits with minimum effort

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