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Virta's home charging service has been awarded as the smartest EV charging service at the market in 2017, as well as the best energy solution in 2018.

The solution combines your charging station to the energy system and balances the electricity grid.

Home is the most convenient location to charge your car. While your car is charging, you can concentrate on other things knowing that the battery will be sufficiently full when it’s time to hit the road. Virta smart charging devices make sure that the process is safe, cost-effective, and fast.

Virta’s home charging service gives you permanent access to the smartest electric vehicle charging services on the market. The service optimizes charging events based on electricity prices and enables you to share your charging stations with other EV drivers, while also taking care of billing and reporting.

With the optimized charging feature, you’ll contribute to balancing the electricity grid. Your car will also be charged when electricity prices are at their lowest.

The charging optimization feature is currently only available in the Nordic countries. As a charging network operator, you can start offering it to your customers anywhere in the world.

Virta Home is the smartest home charging service at the market.

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virta home service Virta Home

Virta Home is an
end-to-end home
charging solution

The service includes a smart charging device with a Type 2 socket, access to Virta’s back-end service, as well as optimized charging features that are accessible through the mobile application. Our service has been awarded as the smartest home charging solution on the market.

Virta Home can be used anywhere where you’re responsible for the electricity contract, including detached houses and premises owned by individuals. Optimized charging features are currently available in the Nordic countries.

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Why Virta Home?

Optimized charging

Our home charging solution takes care of scheduling for you. Plug in your car when you get home and it will begin to charge at the time that is most economical and convenient for you, in relation to electricity prices and your schedule.


Virta Home uses NordPool SPOT prices to begin charging when electricity consumption, and therefore prices, are at their lowest. 

Alternatively, you can set the charging time manually from your Virta mobile application.

Reporting tools

Our automated reporting tool helps you cut back on paperwork. Reports can easily be sent to a chosen recipient, such as your employer if you have a company car benefit. Both public and private charging reports are handled the same way.

By accessing our mobile application or the Virta customer portal, you can also view and download your charging history and bills at any time.

Share your station with other EV drivers

As the charging station owner, you get to decide who can charge at your station. Station access can be shared with a friend or neighbour, or even publicly to all EV drivers. Just remember to set a price for charging.

If the charging station is set as public, all EV drivers can see it on the charging station map and use it with their customer account.


Optimized charging



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