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Create new revenue streams with electric vehicle charging

Increase the value of your business and help build a fossil-free future by capitalizing on EV charging.

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Electric vehicle drivers choose where to shop based on where they can charge up their cars. Offering EV charging will improve customer satisfaction of your existing customers and will make your establishment more attractive to new clientele as well.

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Hotels & Destinations

Your hotel guests are becoming electric vehicle drivers with the need to charge their cars effortlessly. EV charging is now an expected amenity for hotels and destinations. Start equipping your destinations with EV chargers before your competitors do.

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Real Estate

EV drivers expect to have EV charging services where they live, work, and shop. On top of meeting these demands, real estate companies need to keep up with the legislative requirements related to carbon emissions. Virta can help future-proof your property investments.

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Parking operators

The number of electric vehicles on our roads is rapidly increasing, so suitable charging infrastructure is in high demand. Future-proof your parking business and equip your parking lots and multi-storey car parks with EV charging stations now to increase the profitability and attractiveness of your parking spaces and draw in new parking customers.

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Petrol Retailers

As more countries commit to phasing out fossil-fuel vehicles, it’s time for petrol retailers to start transforming their business models. Although electric vehicles have traditionally been seen as a threat to gas stations, they also offer new revenue opportunities.

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The automotive industry plays a vital role in increasing the sales of electric vehicles and educating future EV drivers. Showcasing and offering EV charging solutions for your customers will increase the value of your service and expertise.

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Energy companies

Electric vehicles can’t reach their full potential without energy suppliers - and vice versa. If you are an energy company, learn how to build a charging network that uses electric vehicles to support energy production and stabilise the grid.

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Virta EV charging solutions for businesses

Accelerate the launch of your EV charging business without the risks, complexities, and hidden costs. Introducing Virta Charging Business as a Service.

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Everything you need to run an EV charging business


We take care of the full value chain

We don’t just provide you with charging devices and support services, but we also take on all of the associated risks related to building an EV charging business. From processing payments to legislative compliance, our comprehensive solution covers every piece, including bringing you customers.

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Your brand powered by Virta

By building an EV charging business, you’re doing your part to create a sustainable future of mobility and energy, which will powerfully impact your brand. Your brand can be used on all end-user products and services. With a rapid time to market, you can hit the EV charging market within a few days.

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World's leading energy management capabilities

Our charging solution comes with cutting-edge energy management capabilities. We’ve paved the way for innovations such as Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Dynamic Load Management (DLM). With Virta, you’ll future-proof your EV charging business and take advantage of our energy management capabilities that support renewable energy, while protecting you from large additional costs.

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Why Virta?

Fastest time to value with the lowest risks

The EV charging industry is developing rapidly, but building your own solution requires expertise and tons of resources. With Virta, you’ll fast-track launching an EV charging business and be up in a matter of days instead of months. You’ll start unlocking new revenue streams immediately and avoid the risks of losing revenue and market share.

The network that will connect you with the demand

Virta is Europe’s fastest-growing EV charging service provider which gives you instant access to over 200k EV driver customers. Every new registered driver on our platform is a potential customer for you and every new charging station that gets added, provides more value to your customers.

Grow your business while saving on costs

Avoid hidden costs with our customizable end-to-end solutions. In a traditional business, you would need several contracts to have a comprehensive solution and network. With Virta, you’ll have a single contract which will minimize the cost per customer. As the number of charging sessions increase, your expenses won’t.


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