Virta Support / FAQ for EV drivers


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Note: This page is for EV driver support. If you are a Virta Business customer looking for support, please login to Virta B2B support portal to get help.

EV driver hotline

Solutions to the most common issues at a charging station


Can’t start charging?

If you are sure you have the right to use a station and your payment details are up-to-date, checking the cable connection or waiting for a bit and trying again helps in most cases. This gives the charger a new chance to communicate with our platform.


Can’t stop charging?

Like with starting a charge, trying again is the best help here. Try both with your RFID and the app. Give the charging station a chance to reconnect with our platform.


Can’t release the cable?

You should always be able to release the cable from the car. Depending on the car model, there is a release or open socket button. Also, toggling the central locking system of the car often releases the cable. This should release the cable also from the charger. If the cable is yours and still attached to the charger, please contact our support.

Watch our step-by-step videos to charge your car

Virta mobile app



Virta RFID card or keyring


One-time payment


How to charge at Virta EV charging stations

1. Identify yourself

It all starts with identification to the charging station. If you have not yet registered an account you can do it either here or directly in the Virta mobile app! There are 3 optional ways to identify yourself:

Virta mobile app
  • Choose the charging point from the map and click “Start charging”.
  • To charge with the app, you don't have to be a registered custtomer.
Virta RFID card or keyring
  • Show your RFID card or key to the reader in the charging device.
  • You can order an RFID card and a keyring when you register. If you did not order RFID tags when you registered your account, you can order these from your customer account under your account information.
One-time payment with credit card
  • If you don't want to register, you can use our one-time payment option to charge your battery:
  • Go to with your browser
  • Insert the charging point ID (usually a 4 to 5 digit number on the device)
  • Click "Charge using a credit card" and follow the instructions

2. Plug in

Plug in your car. Charging starts automatically if you have already identified successfully.

3. We charge. You do your stuff. 

4. Continue your journey.

Stop the charging event with the same tool that you used for starting the charging event: mobile app, RFID or the web browser. Unplug your car.

The service will charge your Virta account or your payment card automatically.