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With a Virta account, you can charge your car at over 350 000 Virta network and roaming partner charging points in over 60 countries.

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Public electric car charging stations Powered by Virta all around Europe

EV charging with us is simple and effortless: just identify yourself at a charging station, plug in and you are ready to charge.

As a registered customer, you can start charging and pay simply by identifying to the charging station with your RFID tag or mobile application.

Registered customers pay for charging based on the usage. The service works prepaid – your customer account is being charged after each charging event based on the station prices. Prices and other charging station information can be viewed from the mobile application. Public charging stations can also be used with one-time payment – however, for registered customers charging is cheaper and the experience more effortless.


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a new EV charging event delivered through the Virta platform.

This is how you charge

Virta mobile app

Virta mobile application

Virta mobile app enables you to view and search for public charging stations, and start, stop and pay for charging. You can also view and download receipts and your charging history from the mobile app.

Download the mobile app:

Virta EV charging app available in Apple storeVirta EV charging app available in Google Play store


Virta RFID tag

RFID tags for charging

Identification can also be done with RFID tags. As you show the RFID to the charging station reader, your customer account is being identified and billed after the charging event.

You can order the RFID key fob and card for charging during the registration, or at the customer portal.

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Payment card

One-time payment

Public charging stations can be accessed by everybody – even without registration. With our one-time payment solution, EV drivers can also pay with credit or debit card. The payment solution can be found at www.chge.eu. Charging with the one-time payment is more expensive due to transmission fee added to the charging price – so register and you'll benefit.

One-time payment

How to get started

Register to the Virta Charging Service

At registration, you'll add your payment card which will be billed monthly according to your charging spending. We will send you a receipt of your charging sessions after each full calendar-month to your email address. Charging events are billed from your account according to the pricing at the chosen charging point, you can always check the price from our Mobile App.

In case you don’t want to register, you can also charge with our one-time payment solution.

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After the registration, you are ready to charge!

Find available charging stations from the mobile app, log in and start charging. If you ordered charging tags, they will be shipped to you within the next 1-2 weeks.

Virta’s charging service has a monthly minimum fee of 1€. The monthly fee is billed to the customer only if the sum of monthly charging transactions is less than one euro.

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