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Home: the most practical location to charge your electric car

On average, cars are parked 90% of the time. More often than not, this place is home, thus making it the most convenient location to charge your car. While your car is charging, you can concentrate on other things, knowing that your battery will be replenished when it’s time to hit the road again.

Because electric vehicle (EV) charging is a relatively slow process, it creates potential safety risks due to the fact that regular household (Schuko) sockets are not suitable for long-term use. This is why smart charging stations are becoming a necessity. Additionally, they can have a positive impact on the value of your premises, as it will most likely attract nearby electric car owners.

Managing a residential charging station is a breeze: You simply set your price and define who gets to access it.

Virta powered smart EV home charging stations make this process fast, simple, and safe - giving you access to the smartest electric vehicle charging services on the market. The service optimizes charging events based on the electricity that’s currently available and makes it possible to share your charging stations with other EV drivers, while taking billing and reporting off your hands.

90% of EV owners charge their car daily or weekly at home.

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Why Virta powered charging stations?

Optimized charging

Our smart energy features give you access to charging stations that are built for the future. Technologies such as Dynamic load management (DLM) and Advanced Load Management (ALM) prevent electricity systems from overloading, and ensure that cars are always charged with the maximum power available. ALM even enables connecting and controlling EV charging stations based on the electricity consumption of the whole building.

Reporting tools

Our automated reporting tool eliminates a lot of paperwork. Reports can be easily sent to selected recipients such as your employer, if you have a company car. Both public and private charging reports are handled the same way.

Share your station with other EV drivers

As the charging station owner, you get to decide who gets to access your station. Station access can be shared with friends, neighbours, or even publicly to all EV drivers. You just need to set a price for charging.


Optimized charging

Reporting tools


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Contact us to learn more and buy Virta powered charging stations for your home location - from privately owned detached houses to multiple apartment condominium buildings.*

*At the moment, we  provide home charging through our trusted partners in the following countries: Finland, Sweden, Switzerland & Iceland.