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Virta is a global pioneer in developing smart electric vehicle charging services. It was ranked on the Financial Times 1000 Europe's Fastest Growing Companies list for the fourth time in a row in 2023. 

Virta’s digital EV charging platform is used by over 1,000 private and public companies and organisations in retail, hotel, real estate, parking, petrol retail, automotive, and energy industries. These customers operate over 75,000 chargers in 35 countries, forming the “Powered by Virta” network. Through roaming, EV drivers can access over 350,000 charging points in over 65 countries.

Virta is at the forefront of bringing the world to a more sustainable future by making EV charging easier. It has 34 patent families with a focus on energy management capabilities, which are central to the future connected energy and mobility ecosystem.


This is Virta


Our mission

Sustainable energy & mobility, made possible by connected electric vehicles & charging infrastructure.


Our vision

Making EV charging services easy for EV drivers & profitable for businesses.



Virta in brief

Europe’s fastest-growing electric vehicle charging platform.

Founded: 2013 
Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland
Offices: Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, London, Singapore, Bucharest
CEO & Co-founder: Jussi Palola


countries with Virta charging stations

+500 000
active registered EV drivers

+1 000
B2B customers

2nd largest market player
in Intercharge roaming networks in Europe

+500 000
charging points available through roaming


Virta values

The culture of forward-looking heroes

Striving for a sustainable future

Virta strives towards a cleaner future, thinks ahead, and performs accordingly.

We value environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Despite the challenge grandiosity, we are committed to make our best effort to change the world for good.

Making things happen & work in practice

We value making things happen in practice. We are not a company that only talks about disruptions, but we make them happen with visible business results. 

Growing together and individually

Growth is valuable for us and always worthwhile to pursue. The market is growing rapidly and our target is to grow even faster. Continuous growth is only achieved when we’re able to convince our customers to use our services again and again. 

Helping each other succeed

While it is important to have clear individual goals and targets, our most successful results happen when people within our company help each other out. When we work together, our performance shows.


If you suspect illegal, unlawful or otherwise unethical behaviour by the company, employees, management or stakeholders, you can file a whistleblow report. The external tool Virta uses for whistleblowing ensures anonymity and confidentiality, and the whistleblower is protected from counteractions.

Examples of reasons to blow the whistle
  • Illegal actions, in any areas
  • Information data security breaches and misconducts
  • Discrimination, harassment, inappropriate behavior
  • Unfair and unethical actions
  • Actions against the company’s code of conduct, GDPR & Security instructions
  • Other actions perceived as misconducts needing to be addressed


PLEASE NOTE that Virta’s whistleblowing tool should only be used to report suspected misconduct by the company, employees, management or stakeholders. If you have a concern about anything else (e.g. invoicing, charging, products or services, jobs, etc.) please visit our Contact page.

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