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Come work for one of the leading companies in the booming e-mobility industry!

We are continuously recruiting a wide range of professionals to join our company and our journey towards zero-emission mobility. Find out more about our culture and open positions below.

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We are very proud of the culture we’ve created together at Virta, and we would love for you to experience it as well. Here, you can get a sneak peek into what makes Virta’s culture so special.

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How's it like to work at Virta

Working at Virta

We at Virta have a startup company mentality, an excellent working environment, and coworkers who are some of the best experts in the world in this area. Life at Virta is results-oriented, not office-oriented. We have a very open and positive company culture — and most importantly, we have fun at work.

We’re continuously looking for motivated talent to join our international team. If you’re interested in working towards a cleaner future, check the open positions below and send us your application.


What we value


Striving for a sustainable future

Virta strives towards a cleaner future, thinks ahead, and performs accordingly. Accelerating the transition towards zero emission mobility is a tremendous task. Despite the challenge grandiosity, we are committed to changing the
world, for good, together with our customers


Making things happen & work in practice

We value making things happen in practice. We are not a company that only talks about disruptions, but we make them happen with visible business results.


Growing together and individually

Sustainable growth is valuable for us as individuals and as a company. The e-mobility sector is growing rapidly, and our target is to grow even faster. We enable our customers’
success and give our employees the space to grow into industry-leading professionals.


Helping each other to succeed

By working together as a team and with our partners, we can grow and learn more. When we help each other out and work together, our results speak for themselves. Through cooperation and with our technology, we can make e-mobility work for everyone.

What our employees have to say about working at Virta

We get to do so many new things that don’t have ready-made models and solutions. Since the industry is new, no one in the world has thought about these things before us and we can’t take note from anyone else. We need to think and develop for ourselves and create the world’s best solution.

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