Evolt and Virta to drive EV charging in Thailand & South-East Asia

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May 23, 2022 at 11:51 AM

Thailand-based EVolt Technology Co., Ltd. (“Evolt”) and the world’s leading independent EV charging platform Virta Global (“Virta”) have expanded their successful existing three years collaboration in Thailand. EVolt will start providing localised “powered by Virta” service in Thailand, with growth ambitions in the South-East Asia region, to support local and regional companies planning to enter the EV charging business.

Local know-how to answer the South-East Asia region's needs

During the pioneering years of EV charging in Thailand, Evolt has led the growth and development of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in Thailand, gaining first-hand know-how on local needs and has built localised first-line support functions including 24/7 customer support and on-site maintenance.

Combining EVolt’s local experience and on-the-ground capabilities with the Virta platform’s global technological leadership will provide companies in the region with a solution that secures them a timely, risk-free, and successful entry into the EV charging business.

The transition to electric mobility and EV sales is expected to boom in 2022, and time is money for companies in entering the market in time. “Based on our own real-life experience, development of an own solution is less optimal when compared to Virta’s platform supported with their global experience and development resources. We are looking forward to providing new entrants with the support and know-how from our experience of building an EV charging business”, says Mr Poonpat Loharjun, CEO of EVOLT.

Reliability and quality tested in the world's fastest-growing markets

Virta has operated in the world’s fastest-growing EV markets of Europe since 2015 with over 500 000 monthly active EV drivers and access to over 250k charging points in its platform’s network and through roaming.

Thousands of companies running on the Virta platform, and the ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certificates guarantee high quality, which means charging business operators can focus on their core businesses without worrying about reliability, maintenance or scaling issues.

“Together with Evolt, a top 3 player in their markets, and their future partners, we are confident that we’re ready to accelerate Thailand’s and South-East Asia region’s transition to EVs by providing local EV drivers with the most reliable, user-friendly and extensive operator-independent charging network. One that will combine the platform members’ charging points from real estate, shopping malls and gas stations into one smart charging network”, says Mr Elias Pöyry, CBDO of Virta.

Making Asia-Pacific region charging businesses future-proof

Virta’s Pöyry emphasises that the key to a successful EV transition in Thailand and the wider Asia-Pacific region is to invest in futureproof smart charging infrastructure instead of outdated technologies as the market has been built:

“In order to ramp up EV charging networks fast enough in the region, it must happen without new and extensive investments into the electricity network. At the individual property level, smart charging enables step-by-step optimisation of installation and grid-connection costs and makes it possible to take advantage of the local solar power resources.

At the local and national level, it is critically important that the chargers are connected to the local grid, considering the grid limitations and hence securing electricity network stability. Smart charging also gives access to the future energy flexibility markets and new revenue streams for companies.”

“We are certain that our joint offering helps us promote Thailand’s EV community and the larger South-East region to be a greener and better place for future generations,” concludes Mr Poonpat Loharjun.

About Evolt

Evolt Technology Co. Ltd (“Evolt”) is a Thai-based EV charging infrastructure business operating over 200 public charging stations and is a leader in supporting other Thai charge point operators with the design, installation, servicing and maintenance of their charging infrastructure (both hardware and software).

BANPU NEXT, a leading smart clean energy solution provider in the Asia Pacific and a subsidiary of BANPU PLC., has completed an investment round with EVOLT in 2021, empowering EVOLT to further expand their EV charging business in Thailand and across Southeast Asia.

About Virta

Virta is one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies and fastest-growing EV charging company in the Financial Times TOP1000 ranking.

Virta operates in more than 30 countries globally, enabling EV charging services of over one thousand charging networks operating over 50 000 charging points on the Virta Platform. Virta is one of the biggest market players in Europe, offering access to EV charging through over 250 000 charging points in roaming networks in over 50 countries.

Virta has over 19 patent families, including trailblazing bi-directional charging technologies, and is the forerunner also in technological development measured by patents relative to investments in the company.

Virta’s strategy is to help international, national and local players to enter the EV charging business with low CAPEX and access to the charging ecosystem. The Virta Asia-Pacific regional headquarters is based in Singapore.