Find out how quickly you generate profits with EV charging

Are you interested in finding out how long it will take for your EV charging business in the UK to become profitable?

Enter the details of your company’s project in our EV charging ROI calculator, and find out how long it will take for your EV charging stations to start generating profit in less than a minute.


The Virta ROI calculator

The installation, cable and grid connection costs of EV charging stations can vary significantly depending on the exact location. Also, costs vary greatly depending on the model, configuration and features of the EV charging station.

The ROI is also subject to electricity prices development, the prices set for charging and numerous external factors we have no control over. 

For our ROI calculator, we draw from our activity as a forerunner in the industry with many years of experience and EV charging data from thousands of Virta EV charging stations across the UK.

For a more in-depth and insightful assessment of your company location, please reach out to us. We're happy to support your business with a detailed location analysis.

Electric car charging ROI calculator growth graphic illustration

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