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VirtaUltra fast DC charging


Offer a premium service and increase your revenue with ultra fast chargers

Ultra fast charging, also called high power charging or HPC is a fast type of DC charging that can charge an electric car’s battery in less than 30 minutes.

Virta offers you brandable ultra fast DC chargers from trusted and experienced partners.

We have ultra fast DC chargers that span from 150 kW up to 600 kW.

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Ultra fast charging for different use cases

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Petrol stations

EV drivers want to charge their cars as conveniently as they would refuel an ICE vehicle. Petrol stations have the opportunity to accommodate this customer segment by equipping their locations with HPC chargers.



Ultra fast charging is a premium service with the potential to attract new customers. While your customers' EVs are charging, they'll naturally spend time in your store or restaurant. That means increased dwell time and more revenue.


Large charging networks

Range anxiety still remains one of the main reasons why consumers are hesitant to buy an EV. Large charging networks can install HPC chargers along frequented roads and highways, which is essential in easing this anxiety and helping a wide adoption of EVs.

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Offer ultra fast charging for convenient and fast recharging possibilities for your fleet vehicles. What’s more, with Virta, your fleet vehicles can be charged on the public charging network as well. 

Why ultra fast charging?


Meet the needs of your customers

Easy access to fast charging is a prerequisite for wide EV adoption and a must for EV drivers, not only on long journeys.

Give your existing EV driver customers what they need, increase customer satisfaction and attract new customers to your core business.


Increase your revenue

The output of ultra fast chargers is 2-3 times higher than that of regular fast chargers. That means your revenue grows during peak hours.

Also, ultra fast charging can be seen as a premium service. Thus, you can set higher prices for your customers. 

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Decrease charging times

A quick coffee & charge break? That’s what ultra fast DC charging is perfect for. Your customers can recharge their EVs as quickly as in 15 minutes.

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Additional service

Your brand on display

Put your brand at the forefront for a unified user experience that starts already at the parking lot.


Seamless process

Virta takes care of acquiring, installing and maintaining your EV chargers. With our integrated hardware process, you save resources and avoid risks.


Scale up easily

Modular EV charging devices make it easy for you to scale up as the demand grows.


Manage your energy

Ultra fast chargers require higher power input. Virta smart energy management solutions enable you to always be on top of your energy needs.

Suitable hardware for all your needs

Alpitronic Hypercharger 200
Alpitronic HYC400
Delta UFC 200
Kempower C Station
Kempower C&S Station

Smart DC chargers from trusted manufacturers

Explore our portfolio of pre-configured smart EV chargers for your specific charging needs - from fast to ultra fast charging.

Ordering your EV chargers with Virta means no complicated ordering procedures, immediate availability and guaranteed short delivery times.

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Hardware, software & all in between

Virta's end-to-end charging solution:

As a full-service provider, Virta takes care of every step of the process until your EV charging infrastructure is up and running.

We will get the right chargers for you, do an analysis of your location, install the hardware and equip it with our back-end solution, the Virta Platform.

While in service, we’ll keep track of maintenance and firmware updates for your EV chargers. That way, you can always fully focus on your core business.

More about our integrated hardware process
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Create positive cash flow with the Virta solution

Virta provides you with not only the chargers but also a business plan that fits your location’s needs and core competencies, so you don’t have to build your own team of charging specialists to run the operations and support.

We help you build a charging service with a short payback period.

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