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Manage your electric vehicle fleet and the energy it needs with a smart cloud-based solution.

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Get your fleet ready for electrification

With electrification swiftly taking over the transport sector, your next fleet will be electric. To manage an EV Fleet successfully, you need to make sure of two things – keeping your vehicles moving and ensuring certified energy whenever you need it. 

Virta takes care of both sides of the equation for you. When it comes to your EV charging needs, we got you. 

Your end-to-end EV fleet management solution

Automate your invoicing

When you have a fleet of hundreds or even thousands of vehicles, there is no time for lengthy expense reporting, sporadic data or complex cost logic.  

EV charging must be a seamless part of your financial processes, CRM and fleet management systems.  

Virta’s automated payment and invoicing solution helps you avoid these time-consuming manual processes. All charging events are consolidated within one single bill, easy as that. 

We’ll provide you with the data you need to allocate the costs in a way that fits your processes best.  

Do you operate in several countries, and are your EV drivers crossing borders? Worry not; Virta takes care of the country’s specificities, so you don’t have to. 


Manage all your energy needs 

Operating a fleet of vehicles can mean having to install a high number of chargers. Often, the existing electrical infrastructure is not equipped to supply enough power for all chargers on your sites. Upgrading the electrical infrastructure can turn out to be quite costly. 

Virta’s spearheaded energy management solutions allow you to take control of and match the energy supply to your fleet’s demand. In your locations, you can optimise the use of limited power capacity for the chargers or the building infrastructure while making sure your fleet gets charged in priority order. 

Virta’s smart energy management solutions, like Dynamic Load Management (DLM) and Adaptive Load Management (ALM), take care of the power capacity, while solutions like Virta Preconnect and Virta Priority allocate the charging power to your fleet accordingly.


Charging anywhere

By electrifying your fleet, you give your drivers the opportunity to charge wherever they go. That can be on a public charging network or privately at home, at the workplace or on-site. The simplicity of charging wherever one needs is crucial to the wide adoption of EVs. 

Thanks to Virta’s extensive roaming network, your drivers can also charge beyond borders at over 350000 charging points. 

Virta’s user-friendly EV driver interfaces enable the driver to locate charging stations, start and end charging sessions, and follow the charging process. 


All the data at your fingertips

All the necessary data, from energy use information to usage data and charging statistics of individual vehicles, live on a cloud-based platform, easily accessible to you. 

Data is knowledge and a strong advantage for you when managing the EV charging of your fleet. Access to data is crucial for planning and optimising your energy consumption and the total cost of your fleet. 

Home charging reimbursement handled for you 

Up to 80% of charging happens at home. This is true for company cars, delivery fleets and service vehicles. That’s why it’s crucial that you provide your EV drivers with the possibility to charge at home and get reimbursed for their home-charging electricity costs in an effortless way. 

Virta handles the financial flows for home charging reimbursement on your behalf. After the EV driver sets the price per kWh that they pay for electricity into the system, the reimbursement process is automated, so the EV driver gets paid out on a monthly basis. 

Fleet Reservation does exactly what its name suggests: itlets you reserve charge points in advance for your EV fleet drivers so they can simply arrive and charge at their allocated time.

This way, you can ensure your EV drivers don’t have to wait around at public charge points for their turn or even make decisions about where to charge, simplifying their day.

Thanks to that, your electric fleet is always ready to go — maximising efficiency and minimising delays. 


How do we serve your fleet?

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Leasing companies

Virta provides leasing companies with an end-to-end solution to include electric vehicles and EV charging in their service portfolio.

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Company car fleets

Businesses can operate company cars for their employees and service use with Virta. We simplify the complexity of invoicing, home, office and public charging, as well as emissions reporting.

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Service fleets

Last-mile delivery and service fleets can count on their cars to be charged on-site and on-the-go, as needed.

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Heavy-duty fleets

For heavy-duty vehicles, Virta provides a high-power charging solution for depot use and a fitting network of public chargers.

Virta's end-to-end
charging solution

As a full-service provider, Virta takes care of every step of the process until your EV charging infrastructure is up and running.

We will get the right chargers for you, do an analysis of your location, install the hardware and equip it with our back-end solution, the Virta Hub.

While in service, we’ll keep track of maintenance and firmware updates for your EV chargers. That way, you can always fully focus on your core business.

Woman charging last-mile electric truck outside logistics hub
EV charger Hypercharger 50 (HYC50) from Alpitronic
EV charger Hypercharger 200 (HYC200) from Alpitronic
EV charger Hypercharger 400 (HYC400) from Alpitronic
EV charger Eve Single Pro-line from Alfen
EV charger Eve Double Pro-line from Alfen
EV charger SLIM 100 from Delta
EV charger UFC 200 from Delta
EV charger S&C-Series from Kempower
EV charger C-Station from Kempower
EV charger Movable charger T-series from Kempower
EV charger EVC04 from Vestel

Suitable hardware for all your needs

Smart AC & DC chargers from trusted manufacturers

Explore our portfolio of pre-configured smart EV chargers for your specific charging needs – from standard to ultra fast charging.

Ordering your EV chargers with Virta means no complicated ordering procedures, immediate availability and guaranteed short delivery times.

Why Virta?

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Fastest time to value with the lowest risks

Building an EV charging business requires an immense amount of time and resources. With Virta as a partner, we have what you need to be up and running in a matter of days instead of months. No risk of losing market share to your competitors.

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Sustainability is at the forefront for us

Our mission is to do our part to solve climate change through electrification, energy efficiency, and decarbonisation. EV batteries are the most cost-efficient form of energy storage, and EV charging is the ideal way to harness energy for the benefit of our planet. By partnering with us, you’ll put sustainability at the forefront of your business.

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Grow your business while saving on costs

In a traditional business, you’d need to rely on several contractors to provide a comprehensive solution and network. With Virta, you only have one contract — which minimises the cost for you. And as the number of charging sessions increases, your expenses won’t.

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