In a nutshell

We provide the tools, our customers make it happen.

In 2013, Finnish energy utilities discussed the future of transportation. It quickly became clear that the future of transportation will be electric. Together these 18 energy utilities founded a company to build up a national charging network. Virta was born.

Our first international customers were acquired even before launching our services in Finland. The solutions have been built to support electric vehicle charging infrastructure anywhere in the world.

We empower our customers to support electric vehicles and renewable energy.







"Virta differentiates itself from competitors by articulating the future vision and capabilities to keep up with the rapid development."


Our values


We do our part in solving climate change by bringing electric mobility to people’s daily life and to the energy system


The leading platform in Europe

Virta is the leading platform for companies to offer state-of-the-art, everyday services for consumers and businesses.
Value #1

We strive for a sustainable future

Accelerating large-scale industrial disruptions in transport and power industries is a tremendous task that requires thorough foresight. Despite the challenge grandiosity, we are committed to making our best effort to change the world for good.
Value #2

We make things happen in practice

We value making things happen in practice. We are not the company to just talk about the disruptions, but to make them happen with visible business results.
Value #3

We grow together and individually

The market is growing rapidly, and our target is to grow even faster than the market average. Continuous growth is no accident. Growth is valuable and worthwhile to pursue for individuals as well as for the company.

Value #4

We help others to be successful

We help others to be successful and provide tools for sustainable growth. The same goes with the company culture: we need to contribute above individual nominal targets especially when the company growth is fast.


We don't claim that our services are the smartest on the market for no reason. We have received awards for the smartest services, best technology innovations, the most remarkable product brand and the finest pitch in an ice hole.

Management team

Jussi Palola


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Jussi Ahtikari


Allan Ahlgren

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Jaakko Liesmäki

Vice President, Platform,

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HR Director

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