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Electric vehicles (EVs) are here to stay, and since we’re getting closer to the ban on fossil fuel vehicle sales in 2035, we need more and more opportunities to charge EVs conveniently.

Whether you’re a utility company, a petrol retailer or a heavy-duty fleet operator, building EV charging hubs is a great way to ensure easier and broader access to EV charging infrastructure. That means lower range anxiety and higher EV adoption.

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Where to build EV charging hubs


In high-traffic areas

EV charging hubs alongside major highways and in high-traffic areas can serve EV drivers on long journeys, reduce the perceived range anxiety of many and increase the adoption of EVs in general.

To keep the charging times as short as possible, ultra-fast chargers (HPC) are the most suitable choice for these locations. 

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Near residential areas

You can choose to build a stand-alone EV charging hub near residential areas. Such charging hubs are the solution for many EV drivers who live in apartment complexes where off-street parking is unavailable or charging infrastructure can’t be installed due to power constraints.

These hubs should be designed for long-term, mainly overnight, charging with standard AC chargers.

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On an existing petrol station’s premises

If you own or operate a petrol station, you already have the premises which can be transformed into an EV charging hub. Here’s where fast and ultra-fast chargers (HPC) make the most sense so EV drivers can get back on the road in minutes.

Facilities like coffee shops, grocery stores and car washes often complete these charging hubs the same as they do a regular petrol station, bringing convenience to the customer and more revenue into your pocket.

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At a depot

If you operate a commercial fleet like last-mile delivery or heavy-duty vehicle fleet, an EV charging hub for your vehicles at the depot will ensure your fleet is always charged and running on schedule.

As fleets move toward EV adoption, charging at the depot becomes vital. At Virta, we can deliver all the requirements to enable consistent EV charging regardless of your fleet mix.

Why the Virta charging solution?

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Simplicity at the core

Building and running an EV charging business requires a significant amount of time and resources. At Virta, we’re ready to take the complexities off your plate.

Instead of relying on several players to provide you with hardware, software and various support services, with our end-to-end solution, you only have one contract.


Access to data

Keeping tabs on utilisation rates and end-user data helps you make agile decisions about the performance of your EV charging business.

Our solution gives you access to a comprehensive overview of your charging business so you can follow the key metrics that matter to you.


Consultation first

Our experienced sales experts are ready to provide you with consultative services specific to your business case. After a consultation takes place, we deliver a solution that fits your needs the best.

Hardware, software & all in between

Virta's end-to-end charging solution:

As a full-service provider, Virta takes care of every step of the process until your EV charging infrastructure is up and running.

We will get the right chargers for you, do an analysis of your location, install the hardware and equip it with our back-end solution, the Virta Hub.

While in service, we’ll keep track of maintenance and firmware updates for your EV chargers. That way, you can always fully focus on your core business.

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Suitable hardware
for all your needs

Virta Single - Alfen
Virta Double - Alfen
Alpitronic HYC50
Delta Slim
Delta UFC 200
Kempower C Station
Kempower C&S Station
Alpitronic Hypercharger 200
Alpitronic HYC400

Smart AC & DC chargers from trusted manufacturers

Explore our portfolio of pre-configured smart EV chargers for your specific charging needs - from standard to ultra fast charging.

Ordering your EV chargers with Virta means no complicated ordering procedures, immediate availability and guaranteed short delivery times.

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