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Virta modular solutions forContinental charging networks


Flexible EV charging solutions made just for you

Virta offers modular solutions for large enterprises looking to operate EV charging networks at a continental level. 

Fast market entry and flexibility in all aspects are guaranteed. Get your EV charging business up and running quickly and tailor it as it grows.

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Modular solutions are the right choice for you if...

you have an existing service, customer-facing app or an established customer base and want to introduce EV charging to your offering or scale up and customise specific parts of your existing service.

Virta's modular EV charging solutions enable you to:

  • Add EV charging services to your offering and scale easily
  • Outsource the time-consuming & complicated parts of offering EV charging services
  • Get professional guidance and benefit from our industry expertise
  • Develop specific features that are important for your unique business
  • Gain flexibility for the future of your service in an ever-evolving industry
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Benefits in a nutshell


Decide what parts of your EV charging business to run and outsource the rest


Integrate EV driver data to your business systems via APIs


Manage multisite, multilingual and multi-currency EV charging operations on one single platform

Curious how modular EV charging solutions can work for you?

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