Customer stories

We help our customers to support electric mobility and renewable energy.

Our customers are the superheroes of electric mobility, builders of the more sustainable world. Some of them own one charging device, and others are building worldwide charging networks. They have all taken a step to support the rise of electric vehicles and renewable energy.

These are their stories.

Customer Stories
Customer stories

Case Weland – Charging as a service for those who strive for growth

SummaryWeland AB manufactures and delivers metal and sheet metal products in Sweden. The company has a HQ and...
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Case Car Charged UK: Leading EV charge point consultant charges towards a greener future

Summary Car Charged UK, an electric vehicle charge point...
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Case Oomi Energy: The new nationwide energy company maximises charging business opportunities

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Case: DB Schenker - Futureproofing world’s leading global logistics provider in Finland

  "An EV charger itself is just a small part of the...
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Case: Rokkiparkki – Residential parking gets an EV charging facelift

“Virta had no problem shaping their operating model to...
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Case: Ísorka - Building an open EV charging network in Iceland

Ísorka is an Icelandic charging point network operator...
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Case: ELBUL - Virta white-label services in practice

Virta's platform solution is provided to our customers...
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