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Virta forHeavy-duty EV charging


Your solution for an effortless heavy-duty electric fleet charging

Heavy-duty vehicles are responsible for more than 1/4 of the EU’s CO2 emissions from road transport.

Electrification of heavy-duty fleets is inevitable if we want to move towards a sustainable future.

At Virta, we have a solution for heavy-duty EV charging that incorporates everything you need for the successful operation of your EV charging business: the hardware, the software and everything in between.

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Electrifying your heavy-duty fleet: The benefits


Lower your operational costs

Thanks to the lower price of electricity compared to fossil fuels and the lower maintenance costs of EVs compared to their ICE counterparts, you can significantly lower your operational costs by electrifying your heavy-duty fleet.


Reduce carbon emissions of your fleet

By producing zero tailpipe emissions, electric vehicles provide a helping hand in reducing air pollution. Your fleet can benefit from lowered CO2 emissions and gain access to zero-emission zones in urban areas.

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Increase your fleet’s energy security & efficiency

Electrification of your heavy-duty fleet means no reliance on fossil fuels. That not only brings you increased energy security, but the efficiency of your fleet also grows.

Fleet management

Everything you need to manage your heavy-duty electric fleet

Automation and easy access to data are vital for fleets of hundreds or even thousands of vehicles.

The Virta fleet solution offers fleet operators the simplicity they’re looking for.

Automated payment and invoicing processes and access to data for effortless expense tracking of your EV drivers and vehicles save you time and rid you of any extra costs.

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