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We have collected information in these e-books and guides for you to get more in-depth information about EV charging and its’ potential. After reading these, you’ll know everything you need to know about EV charging, energy solutions and our products. After all, knowledge is power.

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How to future-proof your petrol retail business in 3 steps

In this e-book we share the revenue streams you can activate with EV charging and discuss why your petrol chain should adopt a subscription-based business model.
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EV market overview

We reviewed and compiled sterling information by research centers and electric transportation organizations into an e-book
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How to build a business from EV charging

This e-book is an introduction to electric vehicle charging industry, describing why and how to take part in the revolution of e-mobility.

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The EV disruption

The EV Disruption is an e-book for you yearning to understand the rationale behind electrification of transportation. It is our effort to explain the reasons behind climate mitigation.
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EV Charging Business: A Guide for Utility Companies

This e-book is an introduction to electric vehicle charging business for utilities, describing why and how to take part in the EV disruption.

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15 EV Charging industry trends

Take a glimpse to the near future. Download our trend overview: 15 EV charging industry trends presented to you by Virta's CBO Elias Pöyry.

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Public EV charging guide

This e-book answers to all your questions about charging a car at public charging stations.
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Virta Platform Backend

This guide provides an overview of Virta Platform backend solutions for charging infrastructure management.

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Smart charging of electric vehicles

What does smart charging mean? And how does it work in practice? After reading this guide, you'll know everything there is to know about smart EV charging.
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Vehicle-to-grid: Everything you need to know

Cars have the potential to play a crucial role in the future energy system – but how? What does vehicle-to-grid actually mean? This is the story about V2G and its' potential to revamp our energy system.

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