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As part of the Virta Reseller Program, you will unlock the full potential of EV charging solutions. We are constantly looking for new resellers in our quest to take on the EV charging world.

In a nutshell, our reseller program gives you access to an EV charging one-stop shop. We take care of the complexities of EV charging and provide a comprehensive charging solution. You can simply focus on selling the service to your customers without any upfront investments.

“When we learned about Virta, we quickly realised that there was no need for us to hire people in-house to develop the platform and the apps. We simply noticed that Virta could do all of that for us. The platform allows us to offer our customers their own charging points with their own branding and look. Thanks to the partnership with Virta, Ísorka can deliver an advanced service to our customers.”

The opportunity

The electric revolution is now

With the majority of electric car charging happening either at home or at work, residential and office buildings represent the largest opportunities for EV charging providers.

EV charging is one of the decade’s most significant changes in buildings. In fact, the charger installation business for both new and existing buildings is booming. Moreover, new construction sites are legally bound to be equipped with sufficient charging connections, and existing parking lots are required to offer charger installations that fit their limited electrical connections.


Operational Virta countries


B2B customers in the Virta network


Charging points in the roaming network


Virta coverage in the public charging network in Europe (incl. roaming)


of electric car charging today happens either at home or at work


Growth by 2025 for the European low-emission car fleet

Why join the Virta Reseller Program?

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The fastest way to enter a growing market

Become an expert in EV charging solutions overnight with the Virta certification. Easy add-on sales to your existing customers. An award-winning charging solution that’s loved by the customers is easy to sell.

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Our experience packages for your support

We know EV charging. We have established over 300 professional charging networks in 30+ countries. Leverage our field experience. We know chargers. Our selection of pre-configured and reliable charging devices ensure a high-quality charging experience for your customers.

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Future-proof charging solution

Focus on the user experience and our commitment to merge renewable energy and mobility makes Virta ideal for our customers and partners today, and for many years to come. Virta is the leading expert in EV energy demand response solutions that will become increasingly important when EV markets expand and energy systems transition to renewables.

We'll ensure your EV charging business succeeds

Business model tailoring

A successful partnership starts with finding the best approach to integrate our Virta Charging Solution into your business model.

We always tailor our approach and solutions together with our resellers.


EV expert on demand

Your Key Account Manager will be your single point of contact and will provide you with everything you need to know to sell the Virta Charging Solution.


Training for the Virta Certification

Your Key Account Manager will introduce you to the Virta Way sales concept to give your sales team a head start.

We also provide up-to-date standard sales materials.


Forerunner services

Virta has the leading EV charging services for every segment designed for reselling.

Virta solutions can be branded to your brand or your customer’s brand.

Legislation and market intelligence

Virta is actively involved in the global EV charging industry discussions.

Virta will share regular updates on the EU-level legislation in EV charging and ensure that our solution is compliant worldwide.

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