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Join the fastest-growing charging network and instantly improve your EV charging services with Virta Hub, our Charge Point Management System (CPMS), suited for both CPOs and EMSPs. 

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Looking for a smooth migration process and expert assistance?

Virta's dedicated team, along with local partners, reconfigure your EV chargers and ensure a seamless migration of your hardware to Virta Hub. We provide technical assistance throughout the whole migration process to guarantee instant access to Virta Hub and its benefits.

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What we offer

Seamless migration for your EV drivers

Migrating to Virta Hub as an EMSP means we will take immediate care of your EV drivers. 

We guarantee a smooth migration process for your EV drivers and give them instant access to over 100.000 charging points in the Virta charging network and thousands more through our roaming network. 

Our customer support is available 24/7 in five languages and is always fee-free.

Pricing and invoicing made easy

Virta Hub offers various features to make your pricing as flexible as the market demands. 

Loyalty Pricing: Offer a discount on charging prices for a specific group of users to increase loyalty.

Alternate TariffAdd an additional tariff setting that replaces the default tariff at a set time period.

We make sure that your invoices are handled with the care they need. With proper reporting you receive your monthly payout for every single charging event at your stations.

Flexible & modular solution

The Virta Charging Solution is flexible, modular and ready to scale whenever you are. With Virta Hub, adding new chargers has never been easier. 

We at Virta understand that every customer has different needs, and we want our customers to reach their full potential. As part of our end-to-end Charging Solution, we can offer tailor-made solutions that can include custom-made APIs. Talk to us to find out more!

Comprehensive support

Virta offers 24/7 customer support for EV drivers using Virta charging services and technical support for our B2B customers.

Our dedicated Customer Success Managers are available to solve any technical issues or questions that may arise for CPOs and EMSPs.

Data insights & reporting

Virta Hub provides a comprehensive overview of your charging business and helps you follow the key metrics that matter to you. This valuable tool allows you to effortlessly try out various business models and make agile decisions based on consumer behaviour in your locations. 

Data insight and reporting for thousands of chargers is always at your fingertips.

High reliability

Virta Hub's high uptime and smart features ensure that your EVs are charged even when the network fails.

Our customers

What they say about us

"We've been very pleased with the cooperation with Virta. The EV charging stations have been working very well without any technical issues, which is important for us. And Virta's energy management solutions enable us to control the charging power, which is very useful for us."
"The biggest value Virta provides to Scandic is the easiness. It's effortless for us to operate the EV chargers. We don't need to give any extra effort to provide this service to our customers. Virta has made it very convenient for us."
"When we learned about Virta, we quickly realised that there was no need for us to hire people in-house to develop the platform and the apps. We simply noticed that Virta could do all of that for us. The platform allows us to offer our customers their own charging points with their own branding and look. Thanks to the partnership with Virta, Ísorka can deliver an advanced service to our customers."
"We’re very satisfied with the support and responsiveness of the Virta team. They were able to understand our challenges and adapt to our constraints and objectives."
"The Virta Hub offers flexibility and allows us to grant access to, unlock specific EV chargers and update them at any time. That's a big plus for us."
"Partnering up with an experienced, global player with a proven track record was key for us. Virta can guide us and ensure we are always one step ahead."
"Virta's back-end system, the Virta Hub, is interesting for us because it supports load management. It also makes customer administration much clearer and more organised."
"Virta offers us a lot of support. Whenever we have an issue or a question, especially technical ones, they always come up with an answer or a solution. Virta means good backup and support."
"The quality of Virta's charging operations, mainly the availability of the charging stations, is high. And the Virta mobile app is easy to use for your members charging in Finland and within the vast roaming network."
BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport Electric train employee charging at a Virta charging station on the airport apron airside

Migration to Virta Hub at the BER Berlin airport 

BER is the Charge Point Operator at the airport's site and provides EV charging infrastructure to various stakeholders. 

As part of our cooperation, the airport's technical staff successfully migrated 80 charge points to Virta Hub after receiving training from Virta Solution Architects. 

With Virta Hub, the BER airport gains access to Virta's load management tools and can save costs on expensive grid expansions.

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Stay AFIR compliant with the Virta Payment Kiosk

For simple card payments at EV charging stations

Legal requirements for contactless payment at charging stations are coming into force in many countries. Both the EU-wide legislation "AFIR" as well as "The Public Charge Point Regulations" in the UK are becoming effective in 2024.

The Payment Kiosk makes it possible for you to enable ad-hoc card payments to visiting or non-registered EV drivers and comply with legislative requirements.

Woman standing beside a Virta payment kiosk and an AC charging station

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