VirtaManaged Charging Stations


Get the perfect chargers for your needs

Choosing, procuring, and maintaining electric vehicle (EV) chargers comes with a heavy load of work, responsibilities, and hidden costs. We can take those off your plate and manage every step of the way so that you can focus on running your business.

As part of the Virta EV charging as a service model, you get pre-configured smart charging devices based on your needs — from slow to ultra-fast charging. Virta takes care of the entire life cycle of your charging devices  — from selecting to ordering to maintenance. With Virta, you save resources, avoid risks, and ensure the quality of your service.

What does the Virta managed charging station process include?

Smart EV charging devices powered by Virta

Smart charging devices powered by Virta

We’ll provide pre-configured smart charging devices and deliver them directly to your site, ready to install with no software expertise needed. All you have to do is place your order and we’ll take care of everything else in between including: 

  • Procurement
  • Configurations
  • Logistics & storage
  • Warranty
  • Remote diagnostics
EV charging station maintenance | Virta

Charging station maintenance

After your chargers are up and running, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll take care of: 

  • Hardware maintenance
  • Firmware updates
  • Uptime SLA

Managed charging station process

Managed charging station process as a part of Virta Service enables ultimate cost efficiency and exceptional quality of service.


  • Order based on Virta volume framework contract

  • Just in time to site, Virta managed logistics

  • Plug & play at site by any electrician

  • Virta charging station management as-a-service

    Warranty – Uptime SLA – Maintenance


  • Technical Specifications

    Technical specification and negotiations with a number of vendors.

  • Procurement Process

    Order device and manage delivery, schedule and pre-configuration.

  • Logistics & Storage

    Design and manage logistics from vendor to warehouse to location.

  • EV Specialized Installation Process

    Manual process at site by specialist and electrician.

    • Firmware
    • Software Installation
    • Station ID
    • Settings
    • Station Branding
    • Telecom and VPN Settings
  • Charging station management by the customer

    • Firmware Updates
    • Configuration needs
  • Customer manages hardware and software failures

    • Warranty and claim process
    • Monitor condition and functionality
    • Maintenance operations and dispatching

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