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Get the perfect charger for your needs

Choosing, ordering, and maintaining electric vehicle (EV) chargers comes with a heavy load of work, responsibilities, and hidden costs.

We can take those off your plate and manage every step of the way so that you can focus on running your core business.

With the Virta Charging Business as a Service, you get pre-configured smart charging stations based on your needs — from standard to ultra-fast charging.

We take care of the entire lifecycle of your charging stations from ordering the right ones directly from well-known manufacturers to taking care of their maintenance.

With Virta, you save resources, avoid risks, and ensure the best quality of your service.

Virta EV chargers are purchased directly from manufacturers. And we also have our own stock of ready-to-be-installed chargers.

What does this mean for you?

No complicated ordering procedures, immediate availability and guaranteed short delivery times.

Virta offers brandable chargers for all your charging needs


Standard charging

Type of charger: AC up to 22 kW​

Perfect for long-term charging at:

  • Home
  • Workplace
  • Hotels and other destinations
  • Airports

Charging takes over 2 hours, so your customers can enjoy their stay and continue with a fully charged battery.


Fast charging

Type of charger: DC 50-150 kW

This type of charger fully charges an EV in the span of 0,5 to 2 hours.

That’s why it’s perfect for locations like restaurants, retail and grocery stores.

Ultra fast

Ultra-fast charging

Type of charger: DC 150-600 kW

Charging with an ultra-fast charger takes only up to 30 minutes.

Just the right choice for on-the-go charging. Your customers can enjoy a quick cup of coffee or a meal and continue their trip.

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Virta integrated hardware process

Say hello to fast scalability and cost efficiency with our end-to-end process.

Chargers provided by Virta

  • Order based on the Virta volume framework contract

    We order pre-configured charging stations for you.

  • Virta managed logistics

    Delivery to your site just in time for installation.

  • Installation process

    Plug & play at your site by any electrician.

  • Virta lifecycle management

    Warranty handling, maintenance, firmware updates, technical support... and the list goes on.

    No stress; we manage all of the above on your behalf.

Chargers acquired from other sources

  • Technical specifications

    Technical specification and negotiations with a number of vendors.

  • Procurement process

    Order devices and manage delivery, schedule and pre-configuration.

  • Logistics & storage

    Design and manage logistics from vendor to warehouse to location.

  • EV-specialised installation process

    A manual process at the site by a specialist and an electrician:

    • Firmware
    • Software Installation
    • Station ID
    • Settings
    • Station Branding
    • Telecom and VPN Settings
  • Charging station management by the customer

    • Firmware Updates
    • Configuration needs
  • Hardware and software failure managed by the customer

    • Warranty and claim process
    • Monitor condition and functionality
    • Maintenance operations and dispatching

Ready to invest in EV charging stations?

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