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Manage your EV charging operations in one simple-to-use Charge Point Management System (CPMS).

Virta Hub lets you monitor your charging stations, view everything there is to know about your EV drivers, and set your charging prices – all with just a few clicks and in one system.

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"Virta’s back-end system and its reliability give us the edge to become the best service provider in Australia."

Benefits at a glance

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Operate globally with ease

Scale your operations to different countries and let us simplify cross-border payments, VAT handling and regulatory compliance on your behalf. Plus, you can run your operations in multiple currencies and languages to satisfy your customers anywhere.

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Save costs and support the grid

Our energy management solutions let you smartly optimise your charging operations to better match energy production, saving you excess costs for expensive grid upgrades. Plus, it ensures that all your vehicles are always optimally charged whenever you need them.

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Scale your operations as you please

Growing your charging network has never been easier. Easily add new chargers in new locations to the system and go from managing tens to thousands of chargers with no hassle.

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Let your customers charge anywhere

Your EV drivers want the possibility to charge anywhere. Virta Hub covers all the possible use cases: home charging, workplace charging, public charging and fleet charging. Give your customers the freedom they're after.

Manage everything in one place

Charging station management EV driver management Pricing management Energy management Fleet management

Charging station management

Get a complete overview of your charging stations.

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Manage tens, hundreds or even thousands of charging stations of different makes and models. And as your charging network grows and you scale to new locations, add new chargers to the system with ease.

EV driver management

Access all you need to know about your EV drivers.

Virta Hub EV driver management dashboard mockup

Whether your EV drivers are private customers or part of large heavy-duty fleets, offer them charging wherever they are: at home, at work, in public or at depots.

Virta Hub is trusted by customers all over the world

Pricing management

Set your prices and automate your invoicing.

Virta Hub pricing management dashboard mockup

Running EV charging operations on a global scale has never been easier. With Virta Hub, you can manage your financial operations, stay compliant with foreign regulations and VAT systems and personalise language and currency settings to your own needs.

Energy management

Optimise your charging network and get the most out of your existing grid.

Virta Hub energy management dashboard mockup

Virta energy management solutions provide an intelligent way to optimise your energy consumption so that your EVs are always charged at optimal levels and times. You can safely add additional charging stations worry-free without having to invest in electrical upgrades. This helps combat climate change while ultimately saving you energy and excess costs.

What our customers say about Virta Hub

"Virta’s back-end is interesting because it supports load management. It also makes customer administration much clearer and more organised."
"We took a closer look at the different features of Virta's back-end system, how it works and whether it suits us and we were immediately convinced by the solution."
"Thanks to Virta’s comprehensive CPMS, the TCO (total cost of ownership) of vehicles is much easier to evaluate for our fleet managers."
“Gone are the days of managing multiple EV charging systems for different locations. With a unified back-end system like Virta’s, your EV drivers can charge their EVs at home, at the office, and even on the road at public EV chargers, all under one app.”

Fleet management

Manage your electric fleet and the energy it needs.

Virta Hub EV fleet management dashboard mockup

When you have a fleet of hundreds or even thousands of vehicles, there is no time for lengthy expense reporting, sporadic data or complex cost logic. Make EV charging a seamless part of your fleet management system – no matter where your drivers charge.

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Dive into how it all works
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