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We help our partners connect electric vehicle drivers to charging stations.
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Comprehensive, modular and future-proof.


Our charging services work separately or seamlessly together - and adapt to all business models.

Through continous R&D we can already utilize EV's as balancing elements in the energy system.

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Virta Mobility.png  Virta Mobility


  • Connect EV drivers to charging stations
  • Virta Mobility is a comprehensive customer experience with
    • Registration
    • Mobile and web applications
    • Account management
    • Roaming
    • One-time payment
  • End-users engage with your brand, powered by Virta.


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Virta Operator logo.svg  Virta Operator


  • Connect and control charging infrastructure with ease.
  • Virta Operator is a reliable EV charging backend with
    • Payments
    • Roaming
    • Smart energy solutions
  • You can choose any device using standard protocols.


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Virta Operator EV charging management

Virta Home charging service.png  Virta Home


  • The world's smartest home charging service
    • Optimizes hours for charging based on electricity market prices
    • Lets you share the charging point publicly to gain extra income
    • Includes a cloud connected smart charging device
  • Offer the most advanced charging service to your customers.


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Virta Bundle logo.svg  Virta Bundle


  • The easy charging service package includes
    • Cloud connected charging devices
    • Access management
    • Automatic billing
  • Help other companies with an all inclusive service.


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15 EV charging industry trends

During the upcoming months, the EV charging industry will start taking leaps instead of baby steps forward.

Take a glimpse to the near future and download our overview of the changes happening in Europe by 2020: 15 EV charging industry trends presented to you by Virta's CBO Elias Pöyry.

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