The ATCF builds a nationwide EV charging network with Virta

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February 18, 2022 at 2:50 PM

Virta and ATCF are stepping up with a 500-unit-wide charging network. Thanks to the nationwide coverage of the network, ATCF and Virta ensure the ease of charging even for long-distance travellers.

As the prices of electric vehicles are settling with growing demand and new electric car models on the market, the charging network infrastructure must keep pace. Every tenth new car registered in Finland in 2021 was a battery electric vehicle (BEV), while plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) covered one-fifth of all new car registrations. The need for quick and easy charging to meet the demand is evident.

This act is a part of ATCF’s new strategy to promote electric mobility. For Virta, the co-operation expands the stronghold of its 6000 chargers-wide open charging network in Finland. The investment from ATCF to Virta’s services and the infrastructure enables ATCF’s members to get the full benefits from the European-wide “Powered by Virta” network with enhanced benefits for its 120 000 members. One of the perks is to grant access to Virta’s 500 000 connected charging points in Europe. The first chargers are already planned to be installed in the second half of this year.

Additional information:

ATCF: Niila Rajala, Commercial Director,
Virta: Aleksi Patana, Country Manager, Charging Network,