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VirtaPayment Kiosk

Photo of a woman standing with a payment card in her hand, ready to pay for charging in Virta Payment Kiosk

Enable card payments & stay on top of new legislation

Simplicity is vital when it comes to EV charging. To make the experience as simple as possible and boost EV adoption, many countries are rolling out new legislation that requires contactless payment to be enabled at charging points.

To help you comply with the new regulations, we developed the Virta Payment Kiosk in cooperation with Mastercard and Worldpay from FIS.

This solution is perfect for operators of existing charging sites or those planning to install EV charging stations who want to enable ad-hoc payments to visiting or non-registered EV drivers and stay on top of legal requirements.

The benefits

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Stay compliant

Legal requirements for contactless payment at charging stations are going to come into force in many countries. Both the EU-wide legislation "AFIR" as well as "The Public Charge Point Regulations" in the UK will become effective in 2024.

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Boost revenue

Provide a new payment option for your EV drivers who are already asking for contactless payments and attract new customers to your EV chargers. Virta's pilot projects showed 20% growth in transactions at chargers with the Payment Kiosk.

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Enhance customer experience

Paying for EV charging couldn't get any easier for your customers. With only a few clicks and a card tap, the payment is done.

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Save costs

Retrofit the Kiosk to your existing chargers instead of replacing the entire network to stay compliant with contactless payment requirements.

View our demo

AFIR and the Virta Payment Kiosk

Did you know that from 13 April 2024, EV drivers must have the option to pay for their charging sessions using a contactless payment method? In our demo (3 short videos), we'll tell you more about:

  • the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR),
  • basic features of the Virta Payment Kiosk and how to operate it and
  • you can view the keynote about the Payment Kiosk at the ICNC23.
View the demo

Examples of compatible charger brands

The ev driver journey at the payment kiosk

  • Selecting the EV charger

    The EV driver arrives at a charging site, selects a charging station and plugs in their vehicle. Before going to the kiosk, they need to memorise the charger ID.

  • At the payment terminal

    The EV driver clicks "Start charging" on the touch screen of the Kiosk and selects the correct charger ID. When prompted, they need to tap their credit/debit card on the contactless terminal.

    On rare occasions, the terminal requests to insert the credit/debit card as an additional security measure or to enter the PIN on the terminal’s touchpad. At this point, also a specified pre-authorisation amount is blocked from the credit/debit card.

  • Virta_v-logo_dark

    Charging in progress

  • Stopping the charging session

    To end the charging session, the EV driver clicks "Stop charging" on the touch screen of the Kiosk and once again taps their credit/debit card on the terminal.

    The pre-authorisation is cancelled and the actual cost of the transaction is charged from the credit/debit card. The charging session is now stopped, and the cable unlocks (if a DC charger was used).

Technical specifications

Photo of the Virta Payment Kiosk
  • Power PC: Fanless embedded system with Intel©
  • Display: 7.0” TFT (1024x600) PCAP Touch
  • Payment terminal: PAX IM30
  • Connection: 4G or Ethernet LAN RJ-45
  • Operating voltage: 230 VAC, 50Hz – approx. 40W (with heater 90 VA)
  • Outline dimensions: H450 x W265 x D200 mm, H1444 mm (with pole)
  • Weight: 13kg (25kg with pole)
  • Mounting options: Pole or a wall mount kit
  • Plug&Play technology
  • Possible to connect to up to 100 chargers
  • Connected to the individual charging stations and the Virta platform via the cloud
  • Designed to accommodate a wide range of payment options, accepting all commonly utilised credit and debit cards available in the market

Accepted payment card brands

Understand the
new legislation

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Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulations (AFIR)

The AFIR is part of the Fit for 55 package. The regulations focus on the deployment of alternative fuel infrastructure, which will support all modes of transport in Europe.

The regulations state that EV drivers must be able to pay easily at charging points with payment cards or contactless devices.

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Public Charge Point Regulations

The Public Charge Point Regulations are meant to enhance customer experience at charging points across the UK.

The regulations state that a charge point operator must ensure that a person using their charge points with a power of 8 kW or above is able to pay by contactless payment to charge an electric vehicle.

Ready to enable contactless payments with the Virta Payment Kiosk?

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