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February 23, 2018

Protect your Grid and Support Renewables with Electric Vehicles [video]

Energy solutions

The energy and transportation industries are converging - because of electric vehicles. Our video explains how we already utilize electric vehicles in the energy system.

The energy sector is facing a drastic shift towards a green, affordable and distributed future. While traditional energy production is more stable and predictable, allowing easy optimization based on consumption forecasts, renewables are volatile. Energy production becomes less predictable and all players involved need to adapt.

Electric vehicles are taking a significant role in the energy system. For the system they’re not just vehicles, but rather big batteries on wheels.

As an EV driver, you want to plugin your car in the evening and wake up battery full in the morning. But the energy system needs something else. So while you're sleeping, Virta's home charging service optimises your charging based on the amount of energy, charging power and hourly electricity prices. 

While the car is plugged in, it’s also connected to an aggregated reserve pool that we use mostly for Frequency Containment Reserves. This means that we’re able to up- and down-regulate the charging power during the charging event. This is taking place maybe once or twice a day for approximately one minute per sequence. The user might not even notice that this is happening.

When there are several cars connected to the same building, neighbourhood or grid area, we are able to cluster the chargers in a way that the collective amount of the charging power doesn’t exceed the limits of the grid tolerance.

When the amount of renewable production increases, energy storages are playing bigger part in balancing the energy system. The new vehicle-to-grid standards allow us to connect electric vehicles in the energy system - the same way we connect stationary storages.

With these commercially available services energy utilities can realise the full potential of electric vehicles as a part of the energy system.


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