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July 16, 2019

Electric car road trip in Switzerland w/ Joonas Linkola & Mercedes Benz EQC

Electric cars & charging

Fasten your seat belt and keep your eyes on the road, as social media influencer Joonas Linkola drives around Switzerland with a brand new Mercedes Benz EQC.


Have you considered driving to your holiday destination instead of flying? Or would you be up for swapping your holiday vehicle for an electric one? Not only is road-tripping fun but it also helps cut down emissions. The current EV charging network is already so extensive that it enables traveling around Europe with electricity.

Trying out an electric car during a holiday can spice up your holiday. EVs are, after all, not just greener but cooler, faster and more silent. Some people say that the first time driving an EV feels like going around with a spaceship. 🚀

The number of charging service providers in Europe is vast, but one magic trick helps when it comes to driving around: Say hello to roaming. Roaming enables EV drivers to travel around with just one customership. Virta customers can charge at tens of thousands of charging stations across Europe.

We thought that it’s time to put the roaming networks to the test and show you how easy it is to take a road trip with an electric car.

In July 2019, adventurer Joonas Linkola and photographer Krista Ylinen are traveling around Switzerland with a stunning Mercedes Benz EQC.


followtheroadtripIGCheck out our Instagram here & follow their journey.

The road trip begins on the 16th of July.





Joonas Linkola is a creative producer, social media influencer and traveler from Finland. He is passionate about storytelling, photography and nature. His stunning pictures and videos about nature and traveling interest over 134 000 followers around the world.

Share us your road trip story and use the hashtag #EVroadtrip on social media.

If electric cars are not familiar to you yet, maybe renting one on a holiday trip would add a nice touch to your holiday adventures?

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