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Energy utility companies have an exclusive opportunity to benefit from the ongoing mobility revolution.

Electric vehicles offer great benefits for society as a whole: They decrease emissions, improve local air quality, and create new business opportunities. Virta's smart energy management features have the power to transform our entire energy system.

In essence, electric cars are big batteries on wheels. EVs can support intermittent renewable energy production in the most cost-effective way. With smart energy management solutions, the charging network of today is already qualified to support the energy grid of the future. Get ready for the future by creating a charging network with smart energy management features.


Electric vehicles will add up to over 30 terawatt-hours of installed battery storage capacity by the 2040s.

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We empower our customers to support electromobility and renewable energy

Our platform solutions offer all the necessary tools for utility companies that want to build a charging network and use EVs to support energy production. With our end-user tools, charging network management features, and smart energy management, you can create a comprehensive EV charging network. In addition to supporting the rise of electric mobility, our solutions also enable you to connect EVs to the electricity grid and make use of them in demand response.

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Virta V2G services are now available - join the group of forerunners.

Together with our partners, we have been developing a forerunner commercial vehicle-to-grid solution that enables to scale up renewable energy production.

Virta V2G services for fleet and energy industry customers are now available in Europe.

Platform solutions

Why Virta?

The best user experience for your customers

Well-executed EV charging services can be easily combined with other aspects of your energy offering. With Virta, you can provide your customers with engaging and modern digital services. By combining a mobile application, customer portal, registration system, and set of one-time payment tools in your brand’s style, we provide a comprehensive service experience.

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Build up your brand

White-label services are a cost-effective way to build new services for your existing and emerging customers. With Virta’s EV charging service, every single customer touchpoint can be rebranded for you. The adoption of new services and features becomes easier if the brand is already familiar to the customers.

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Control your network from the cloud

The management of charging networks is done entirely online. Individual chargers and charger groups are connected to the cloud-based admin system, meaning they can be easily controlled anywhere and anytime. This makes it simple to group together charging stations, add pricing models, control charging power, and more. In addition, bidirectional charging features are also available for energy utilities as separate projects.

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Energy management

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Energy management

Energy management is our passion and tightly connected to electric vehicle charging business. This is why we are constantly developing our energy management features.
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E-book: EV charging business

Learn more about the EV charging market sector roles and business opportunities from our e-book EV Charging Business: A Guide for Utility Companies.
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