End-user services

Our digital services make the charging of electric vehicles an easy, informative, and fun experience.

Provide your customers with comprehensive end-user services. Virta’s solutions make it possible for EV drivers to register and manage their customer accounts, find and access stations, and pay with ease. All of our customer relationship management tools will be at your service.

On top of that, customer touchpoints will be customized to match the look, feel, language, and local currency of your brand.


End-user service features

All customer touch points will be customized to match the look, feel, language, and local currency of your brand.

Mobile and web applications

Virta’s iOS, Android, and web applications enable EV drivers to find and reserve available stations. They also allow customers to start and stop charging when it suits them, as well as pay with various methods. Other than a charging cable, the mobile app is the only tool EV drivers will need for charging.

Mobile applications also allow EV drivers to set filters, add favorite stations, manage customer accounts, and view their charging history. Via the mobile app, customers can view and print their previous charging receipts as well as reserve stations in advance. In addition, private charging stations connected to Virta’s platform can be used with the mobile application.

The Virta mobile app is under constant development, which means that new features are being added on an almost weekly basis. The application is available as a white-label solution and has already been translated into 18 languages.

Maps can also be accessed by a browser and this feature is also available for brand customization if desired.

Registration and RFID charging tags

Your charging service, your customers. Our registration app lets EV drivers register to your service securely and quickly. Customers can begin charging straight after they register. The service works on a prepaid basis: Customers add charging value to their account during the registration process.

You can also offer your customers the possibility to order RFID charging cards and key fobs. RFID tags are used for identification at charging stations, meaning that customers can start and stop charging with them. All payments are carried out automatically via the back-end service.

Both the registration page and RFID cards can be fully branded to match your brand.

One-time payment

Unregistered EV drivers have an option to charge at public stations by making one-time payments with supported payment cards. Customers simply select the correct device ID on the one-time payment page, input the relevant payment information and start charging their car. Customers are billed from their payment card after the charging event ends.

This is also available as a white-label solution.

Customer portal

The customer portal enables EV drivers to edit their customer account information, view their charging history, print receipts from past charging periods, and manually increase their account balance. Providing it is permitted by their service provider, customers can also buy service packages from the customer portal.

The customer portal is a web-based application that is available as a white-label solution. Most customer portal features are available for end-users in the mobile application too.

Nurture your customers

Customer management is part of our platform toolset. CRM tools enable you as the service provider to manage end-user accounts in a secure way. This includes billing information, RFID cards, and contact details. You can also review individual or aggregated charging statistics and create and manage customer groups.
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